Author of Uganda anti-gay bill on his way home

I am trying to confirm these facts but this article from the Uganda Observer says David Bahati is on his way home, with a little help from the US State Dept.

He is not answering his phone and has not returned emails. I suspect he is indeed in transit.

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  • Maazi NCO

    The man should never have gone where he was not welcome. If he truly believed that America was a tolerant nation, then he is as incredibly naive as those people who thought the same thing before WikiLeaks exposed all the lies and the hypocrisy. Anyway, it is time for Bahati to return home and face his constituency and people.

  • Richard Willmer

    The U.S. is, in many ways, a very tolerant nation. The fact the Americans allowed someone who advocates mass murder enter their country at all is powerful testimony to that.