British politician will spend Christmas in Pakistan with Asia Bibi

I admire Raza Anjum for putting himself on the line on behalf of Pakistan Christian, Asia Bibi. Bibi, convicted in Pakistan of violating the nation’s blasphemy law, has become the subject of an international effort to see her pardoned and freed from prison. According to, Anjum

…arrived in Pakistan at the end of last week and has since been organising meetings with senior officials including the prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Mr Anjum, who represents the small market town of Saffron Waldon in Essex, expressed optimism that his efforts would “make a real difference” in the case of Asia Bibi – who is seeking a pardon from her death sentence.

Ms Bibi claims the charges of blasphemy brought against her were the result of a personal dispute with her neighbours.

Mr Anjum told “I feel that my efforts are progressing positively. There seems to be a widespread recognition amongst Pakistani politicians that this controversial case is a result of a personal dispute and that the blasphemy laws have been wrongly applied.

“In my discussion with various politicians I have emphasised the unjust nature of this case and I have called for the immediate release and pardon of Asia Bibi.”

Sign a petition here to speak up for Asia Bibi.

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  • Richard Willmer

    This is really great.

    I know many good Muslims who are appalled by this kind of injustice.

  • Signed.

    I work against injustice against IS and TS people, out of self-interest, and because my son is IS.

    But I work against injustice against GLB people because, having suffered the same kind of persecution they do, I can’t pass by the wayside just because I’m not GLB.

    I’m not Christian either…. but if I’m fighting against injustice on the behalf of some GLB people who genuinely want to see both me and my son exterminated – and have no compunction in calling for that – fighting against one more injustice doesn’t inconvenience me greatly.

    I can’t solve the world’s problems. I can maybe help with some. I wish I could do more. I am my brother’s, and my sister’s keeper.