Uganda round up: Ssempa summoned to court, Rolling Stone hearing slated for Dec. 31

According the Daily Monitor, Martin Ssempa and a group of cohorts have been summoned to court over charges they conspired to injure the reputation of Robert Kayanja. According to authorities, the bunch paid people off to say Kayanja engaged in homosexual behavior.  According to the Monitor:

The Buganda Road Court yesterday summoned pastors Solomon Male, Michael KyazzeMartin Ssempa and Robert Kayiira to appear in court on January 4 to answer charges of conspiracy to injure Pastor Robert Kayanja’s reputation. Also summoned is David Mukalazi, a musician, and Anita Kyomuhendo, a State House employee.

The summonses followed a decision by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions to sanction charges of conspiracy to injure Pastor Kayanja’s reputation. Pastor Male of Arise for Christ Ministry was last week briefly detained over the allegation. They are accused of mobilising youths to accuse Pastor Kayanja of sodomising them.

Pastor Ssempa is accused of hiring Robson Matovu to blackmail Pastor Kayanja. It is alleged that Matovu, together with the alleged victims of sodomy, were medically examined but no evidence of anal penetration was found.

Pastor Male is accused of giving Matovu a signed affidavit implicating Pastor Kayanja, while Mukisa was reportedly promised necessities to testify against Pastor Kayanja. Pastors Kazze and Kayiira of Omega Healing Centre also face similar charges before the Grade 11 Magistrate’s Court.

I have asked for comment from Rev. Ssempa but he has not replied. We have some readers who attend Rev. Ssempa’s church. Perhaps they could let us know how this is being received there.

Regarding the Rolling Stone trial, the court again moved the hearing to Dec. 31.

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  • Maazi NCO

    Uganda round up: Ssempa summoned to court, Rolling Stone hearing slated for Dec. 31

    An interesting turn of events since the director of public prosecutions ordered back in September 2009 that those pastors be arrested and tried for the allegations laid against their rival, Robert Kayanja. I sense that the foreign-controlled gay sex advocacy groups in Kampala are already popping champagne bottles and clincking wine glasses. Time will tell if their joy is misplaced, pyrrhic or justified 🙂 . We will keep watching the drama as it unfolds. Generally speaking, I expect 2011 to be a very interesting year for the Ugandan people.

  • Duh….

    as a gay Ugandan, am quite feeling the jiggles at Maazi’s discomfiture.

    Ok. not quite. See, he says he doesnt support or like Ssempa and Co, but supports or likes something about them… It is kind of convoluted. Have failed to pierce that logic.

    See, I am a simple man, me gayuganda.

    But, I am very interested in the Pastor Wars, as I have dubbed them. I know Ssempa as a seriously disturbed person… ha, just a personal observation. He…. but, the courts will actually decide on that, wont they?

    The Pastor wars….

    I am not sure whether the battle is about homosexuality, or simple old greed and power. The accusers and accused are in a struggle for political and ‘moral’ power in Uganda. Oh, yes they are. The issue of homosexuality is quite peripheral to that reality.

    And, I do know that the accused, Kayanja, seems to be the one who is besieged by the jealousy and petty persecutions of the others…. Ha ha ha ha!

    Let me go let off steam somewhere else. Maybe on my blog. Maybe not.

    Christianity is mighty interesting, for an observer from the sides like moi!

  • Richard Willmer

    The situation is indeed complex and more than a little puzzling. The whole business with the allegations against Kayanja has rumbled on for some time; the ‘Rolling Stone’ judgement has been repeatedly postponed; the Bahati Bill might now be ‘eclipsed’ by the Cultural Leaders Bill; little was said over Christmas by religious leaders on the issue of homosexuality (in stark contrast to last Christmas); western opposition to the Bahati Bill, which has foreign policy implications (e.g. asylum issues, reaction of other African states, bilateral relations, human rights) remains as strong as ever (my FCO contact assures me of that).

    My feeling is that ‘someone’ in Kampala would like to ‘move on’ from the whole homosexuality issue, on the grounds that continuing to ‘bang that particular drum’ is proving ‘unhelpful’ on many levels. We shall see – though whatever happens, the issue of Uganda and homosexuality will rumble on for some time to come, as neither side in this battle is going to ‘give up’ without a prolonged fight. Meanwhile, discussion keeps on going – a good thing in my view.

  • Wendy Leigh

    Odd that Maazi alleges that the ‘gays’ are controlled by foreign sources but not the so-called Christians even though the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and, well, we are still waiting for Maazi’s “evidence.”

    In the meantime, any time spent by the Bahatiists uncomfortably under the microscope they are creating themselves is cause to pop a bottle of bubbly. I hope they all get a taste of it. Cheers!

  • James

    Ssempa’s crusade against gays is now starting to make a little more sense. Is this all just a ruse to get rid of competitors for his own professional sale of the “Gospel” as he sees it?

    I guess we’ll find out …

  • Jame

    Happy New Year to you all

  • Richard Willmer

    Happy New Year to ALL Ugandans.

  • Richard Willmer

    ‘Rolling Stone’ ruling now given – in favour of the plaintiffs (i.e. the human rights activists).