Anti-gay reaction to David Kato's death

Various actors in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill saga have made statements and provided their own spin on the death of David Kato.

In this BBC segment, Martin Ssempa provides comment. Ssempa says the reason for Kato’s death is “gay on gay bashing.” Given his brush with the legal system, perhaps Ssempa has taken up investigating crime and has it all figured out. Otherwise, the BBC segment is worth viewing in that it again demonstrates the difficult situation for Ugandan GLBT people.

David Bahati uses Kato’s death to continue to bash gays and essentially says Kato brought his death on himself. UG Pulse says Bahati “mourns” Kato. Not.

He [Bahati] says though his death may have had nothing to do with his acts, it has everything to do with the financial resources set to these individuals by donors, which could have attracted the attention of the assailants.

The MP says the Police should not only investigate Kato’s death, but also dismantle the illegal networks, particularly financial, which are being used to facilitate gay activities in Uganda, especially in schools.In Uganda most people feel like vomiting when they come across gay practitioners or activists.

The tabloid, The Red Pepper, appears to be singing off the same sheet of music as Ssempa.

And then this piece in the Uganda Record asserts that Kato supported Museveni’s opposition, implying perhaps that Kato’s murder related to political reasons.

And then there is this doozy from Scott Lively who often leaves me temporarily speechless.

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  • LOL,

    now, that round up is interesting.

    Great insight into the minds of people.

    As for the politics, we as gay ugandans are always very careful to keep our activism from our private politics. For many, obvious, reasons. Uganda is barely a democracy…..!

    and enough said on that.

  • MIchael Bussee

    Violence Erupts at Kato Funeral

    A local pastor attending Friday’s funeral for murdered Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato grabbed the microphone in the middle of the ceremony and decried homosexuality, causing a fight to break out and leading villagers to refuse to bury the body.

  • Richard Willmer

    The usual rubbish from the usual lunatics.

  • Trip Nesbitt

    Sexual Minorities of Uganda has said *repeatedly* that they do not support any political party at all. They support gay rights, period (which in Uganda at this point means merely the right to be left ALIVE — hardly an extreme agenda).

    I knew David Kato personally. I am an American who met him while there in early 2009 (when Scott Lively started this fire). He flirted with me in front of others. He was charming and gentlemanly about it. It made me blush. But he was *not* the sort of person who forced himself on anyone or any of this other NONSENSE. He was a bright, kind, ebullient, delightful man. A few years older than the other activists, he took a back seat in visibility but played a unifying, almost paternal role. Which is precisely why he was the ideal one for the hate-mongers to snuff.

  • Richard Willmer

    I would add that noone (gay or straight) whom I know in UG is the slightest bit taken in by Muhame’s, Ssempa’s and Bahitler’s propaganda

  • Richard Willmer

    If you wish to send a message of condolence to the family and friends of David Kato, you can do so to this Email address:

  • andy

    The usual rubbish from the usual lunatics.

    @Richard Willmer,

    Uganda is sick of Gayism…Am in support of the priest at the funeral.

    Remember Uganda is 80% christian__people who are not ready to compromise their values.

    You may call it ‘rubbish’__and call them ‘lunatics,’ but thats how they be….not ready to compromise what they believe.

    Not like you Americans(westeners) who have just remained with tittles only >>(Bishops, Pastors, Psychology Professors…) but cant stand for what they believe.

    I highly condemn the murder of Kato David…i send my condolences to the family and friends. May they be strengthened.

  • Richard Willmer

    If Uganda is sick of ‘gayism’, then Uganda should tell Bahati is be quiet. He’s the one who started all this recent fuss – with more than a little help from his U.S. backers.

    ‘Values’ isn’t just about sex(uality); it is also about how people are portrayed and treated. Muhame tells lies and wants to incite hatred; Ssempa talks about ‘p** p**’ (he did so again recently on Sanyu FM); the Red Pepper is almost pornographic – with dirty language, lurid stories and titillating pictures; Bahati wants to hang gay people for doing things that straight people also do.

    Please do be careful before you say the above are ‘christian values’; God might not like it at all!

    Thank you sending condolences to David’s family and friends

  • Bene D

    The NYT has a quote from Don Schmierer.

    “Naturally, I don’t want anyone killed, but I don’t feel I had anything to do with that,” said Mr. Schmierer, who added that in Uganda he had focused on parenting skills. He also said that he had been a target of threats himself, recently receiving more than 600 messages of hate mail related to his visit.

    “I spoke to help people,” he said, “and I’m getting bludgeoned from one end to the other.”

    Mr. Kato was bludgeoned to death, and Schmierer chose to paint a word picture of himself as victim?

    I’m speechless.

    Alan Chambers must have seen what Schmierer. said and decided to speak the opposite of his board member.

  • Some Ugandans just can’t get the impact of hate speech on LGBT people. When Bahati & Co. portray us as rich people (read 50m dollars sent to us from the West to promote homosexuality), what do you expect? Of course robbers are gonna kill us all. Now, don’t get me wrong, i strongly believe David’s murder was a hate crime. If the guy we suspect to have killed him wanted to steal from him, he would have done it a long time ago. David used to travel all the time. There is not a single time that he told me somebody had robbed him. I’m angry but stronger because our friend has not died in vain.

  • Richard Willmer

    Chamber’s statement is very clear, and shows an encouraging ‘direction of travel’ for his organisation.

    I hope that Schmierer will, at the very least, reconsider what he has said, and offer a more suitable comment on the matter of this disgusting crime.

  • Only the elimination of all conservative Christians will allow all Americans to be free and the world to no longer have to live in fear of the U.S.A.’s imperialist, terrorist holy war. The conservative ideology has never helped mankind in any way, it has not only never helped mankind in anyway, it has oppressed, murdered, raped and killed all those in it’s way to gain power. History shows us this. Fact shows us this. James Madison, the “Father of the U.S. Constitution”, along with many founders of this country, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliations, knew keeping politics and religion separate not only preserves each, but helps them flourish: “The number, the industry, and the morality of the Priesthood and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church and the State.”