Uganda committee chair: Fate of Anti-Homosexuality Bill still uncertain

This morning, Stephen Tashobya, the chair of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee of the Ugandan Parliament told me that the prospects for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill are still not certain. He denied saying that public hearings were planned, adding “what we said was we have that bill [the Anti-Homosexuality Bill] together with many other bills before the committee.” Tashobya added, “When I was asked about that bill, I said yes, it is among the many bills that we have and … [Read more...]

UG Pulse: Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be debated when Parliament reconvenes

UPDATE: Please read this update in addition to this post. ......................... According to the UG Pulse, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee chair Stephen Tashobya told media today that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill will be the subject of public hearings and debated this session. This is consistent with most of what Tashobya has told me previously. Only one occasion has Tashobya told me that there might not be time to consider the AHB. Here is the UG Pulse's report: The … [Read more...]

Christianity Today's website contradicts Timothy Shah's CT conspiracy article

Since October, 2009, there have been a number of flawed articles about Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, but none more flawed than the one currently up on the website of Christianity Today, by Timothy Shah. I have written here and here to demonstrate just a few of the problems, but I want to address some of them again with more information. First, in reference again to this Shah authored statement: But the legislation has received widespread attention not primarily because of its draconian … [Read more...]

Has Uganda’s antigay bill been stopped by Ugandan opposition?

In this post, I want to unpack a bit more the claims of Timothy Shah made in a Christianity Today op-ed posted yesterday (Go to the first reaction here). Overall, I think it was a mistake for Christianity Today to publish an article making so many factual claims without sourcing or evidence. I have been following this story since March, 2009 and do not recognize the narrative advanced by Shah. In this post, I want to address this paragraph: But the legislation has received widespread … [Read more...]

Christianity Today author misleads on Uganda

In a web only piece on Christianity Today, Timothy Shah wants readers to believe that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is "a legislative stunt" which has generated conspiracy theories about maltreatment of gays in Uganda. He writes: Uganda has attracted human rights activism because of a single legislative stunt by a single low-level politician named David Bahati, a member of the country's authoritarian ruling party and an Anglican. In 2009, Bahati proposed an anti-homosexuality bill so draconian … [Read more...]

Is the world about to end?

Preachers gonna preach. Greg Laurie, who is probably a really nice guy, told his congregation that the 2nd coming is coming sooner than later. He thinks so due to... ...the dramatic escalation of global wars and terrorism, the push for unity or globalism, the change in world economics toward a cashless society, the unprecedented increase of killer earthquakes, and false teaching permeating the church. I am not a historian but I bet there isn't a dramatic escalation of wars. I suppose there … [Read more...]

Scott Lively goes nuclear in Moldova

Scott Lively said once that his work in Uganda was like "a nuclear bomb against the gay agenda." In January, he went nuclear-style to Moldova to oppose an anti-discrimination law. Radio Free Europe has the story: When the Moldovan government submitted a draft antidiscrimination law to parliament last month, conservative Orthodox Christian forces in the country treated it as a call to battle. And that call was heeded by U.S. pastor and lawyer Scott Lively, who traveled to Chisinau to warn … [Read more...]

Christian groups urged to do more on bullying prevention

Last week, the Obama administration focused on bullying prevention in a series of events. All week I intended to write about it and one thing or another got in the way so I was pleased that the Christian Post put up an article on the topic. As I noted in the article, the attention to the issue has waned since the Fall. I believe that will change shortly as the Day of Silence and the Day of Dialogue are coming in April. Andrew Marin, founder of the Marin Foundation, is quoted here: His … [Read more...]

Is homosexuality un-African?

The BBC hosts a debate about whether homosexuality is un-African. Ugandan MP David Bahati and Festus Mogae, former President of Botswana, debate homosexuality with host Zeinab Badawi. … [Read more...]

Uganda's Parliament back in session March 22. Will Anti-gay bill be debated?

According to the New Vision: THE Speaker of Parliament, Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, has summoned MPs to report to the House on March 22. Hellen Kaweesa, the public relations manager of Parliament, said the clerk to Parliament had already notified all the MPs to return and handle unfinished business. Last year, Sekandi sent Parliament on recess to allow MPs get enough time for their campaigns. The Bills to be debated include the parliamentary pensions amendments Bill of 2010, the … [Read more...]