David Barton on the Daily Show tomorrow

Pass the popcorn.

According to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show website, David Barton will appear tomorrow night May 4 at 11pm.

Wait, what? He won’t come on the Paul Edwards Show with me, but he’ll go on the Daily Show?

UPDATE: Well, that was disappointing.

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  • http://funfrotfacts.blogspot.com Throbert McGee

    Stewart will probably give Barton a mix of slow pitches and hardball challenges, but any hardball questions will be coming from a secular Jew, and not from a fellow evangelical Christian. And Stewart is typically gracious with his onscreen guests, even when he obviously disagrees with them.

    So the worst case scenario for Barton is that he might end up getting a gentle public rebuke from someone who’s not on his own team (Stewart), which is much better than a stern rebuke from someone who also plays for Team J.C. (Throckmorton).

  • ken

    I think Barton is seriously underestimating Stewart. He probably thinks Stewart (being a Jew and a comedian) isn’t going to understand enough about christianity or US history. And I bet Barton is going to be in for a surprise on both counts.

    I’m also guessing this will be an interview that goes long and you’ll end up having to watch the whole thing on the web page.