US State Department condemns Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill


From CNN:

Washington (CNN) — The State Department Thursday condemned a proposed bill in the Ugandan parliament that could make engaging in homosexual acts a capital offense punishable by death. The bill may be debated Friday by the Ugandan parliament.

“No amendments, no changes, would justify the passage of this odious bill,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters. “Both (President Barack Obama) and (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) publicly said it is inconsistent with universal human rights standards and obligations.”

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  • Maazi NCO

    US State Department condemns Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

    Of course. I am sure there is a “condemn-anti-gay-laws” template somewhere in the State Department with space to fill in the name of any offending African State before dessemination to the media. No hope that UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, will get the State Department template beginning with the declaration—-“We condemn the odious….blah, blah, blah….”

  • Richard Willmer


    As I’ve explained to you before, we are talking here about new proposals that offend generally-accepted standards. We must stop things getting worse before we can start helping them to get better.

  • Maazi NCO

    We must stop things getting worse before we can start helping them to get better.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. If Burundi and Malawi are anything to go by, then you people are failing miserably. The fact is that if a harsh anti-gay law is proposed today in Saudi Arabia, opposition to it would be restricted to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and a bevy of euro-american gay lobby groups. There would be stony silence from the US government and most EU States, especially the United Kingdom.

  • Maazi NCO

    generally-accepted standards.

    These standards you mention are not generally accepted. Nearly 80 nations criminalize gayism explicitly and more than 100 nations that do not criminalize gayism have legal restrictions impose a ban on same-sex marriage, gay adoption, gay military service, gay promotion, etc. So whose “general standards” are we talking about here?

  • Richard Willmer

    Well, it hasn’t happened, has it? It is Bahati who has put such a bill forward.

    It might interest you to know that the BBC has been showing excellent documentaries on other human rights issues in Saudi Arabia. I also follow things in other countries, by the way.

    Obviously, matters in Burundi and Malawi are most regrettable; the fact that the UK and Germany have deemed it ‘necessary’ to cut aid to Malawi, one of poorest countries in the world, is very sad. I hope and pray that this silly nonsense in your own country is ‘dispatched’ tomorrow, so that things there can be improved, not worsened. I have many dear (straight) UG friends, and have a care for their well-being (which can never be served by bahitlerite, savage and totalitarian nonsense).

    And you need to calm down, or you’ll have a stroke!

  • Richard Willmer

    And on the subject of ‘general standards’: the hatred, lies and violent malice of Bahati, Ssempa and co. are shaming. You’ve told a few little ‘porkies’ yourself (you cannot prove this systematic ‘recruitment’, can you? you just take refuge in rhetoric).

  • Jeff Sharlet

    When I spoke to Bahati late today he was surprised to hear of this condemnation. It had not reached him. “Where?” he said. As in, “Where did they make this announcement?” Where, indeed.

  • Richard Willmer


    I suspect that most of the (thoroughly well deserved) ‘pressure’ is being applied ‘behind the scenes’. There has been a report of the EU demarche in the UK gay press (and I know it has been initiated) – Warren posted this on an earlier segment – although the general press in the UK has been more circumspect. The mood in the UK Foreign Ministry can, as far as I can tell, best be described as ‘grim’ and ‘stern’ (this latest outrage comes on top of other things, of course), though anything that has been said to me personally is couched in the usual diplomatic language (of course). I’m sure that there will be ‘consequences’ if the Bill is enacted, but the nature of these has not yet been determined.