David Bahati to become Ethics Minister?

According to the Daily Monitor, Anti-Homosexuality Bill author  David Bahati is on President Museveni’s short list to become Minister of Ethic and Integrity.

President’s shortlist

Vice-President: Gilbert Bukenya or Edward Ssekandi or Margaret Atengo.

Prime Minister: Apolo Nsibambi or Aggrey Awori or Amelia Kyambadde.

1st Deputy Premier/EA Affairs: Eriya Kategaya (he could also stay on as minister for East Africa Affairs only.

2nd Deputy Premier/Minister Without Portfolio: Amama Mbabazi.

Third Deputy Prime Minister/Tourism: Moses Ali.

Oil & Petroleum: Amelia Kyambadde.

Energy: Irene Muloni.

Foreign Affairs: Ruhakana Rugunda.

Security: Betty Bigombe. Teso Affairs: Grace Akello.

Internal Affairs: Kahinda Otafiire.

Kampala:Beatrice Wabudeya.

Ethics: David Bahati.

So the man who brought Uganda the Anti-Homosexuality Bill might move from the back bench to the front bench? If I understand Uganda’s parliamentary procedure correctly, Bahati’s initiatives would not need to go through the private member’s procedure of getting permission from Parliament. However, the upside is that he perhaps would need government support for any bills. At the end of the last session, the government went on record as opposing the AHB as written.

It is hard to see an appointment to the Ethics post as anything but an encouragement of Bahati’s efforts.

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  • And I thought that nothing in Uganda could shock me any more. I was wrong, but not surprised.

  • Richard Willmer

    I saw this too; it was published yesterday (UG time). Not sure what it means, but I can’t say it bodes well.

  • sick, sick, sick.

  • I saw that article last Saturday when it popped up. I’m not ready to panic. It’s not Museveni’s list, but a list that was composed by the editors at Daily Monitor:

    As the country gears up for a new government following the swearing-in of President Museveni last Thursday, the Sunday Monitor brings you what we believe would be a good Cabinet line-up. We have looked at the challenges that the country faces, with the attendant opportunities…

    I’m not ready to panic quite yet…

  • Richard Willmer

    There are two lists in the piece. Whether the first (which is styled as ‘M7’s list’) is accurate remains to be seen.

    The Ethics portfolio could be something of a ‘poisoned chalice’. Buturo did not fare well in that role (a widespread view is that he achieved almost nothing – just made a lot of noise).

    Still, I don’t like it …

  • Now I see it….

  • The illusion/pretend I notice in Uganda is that many from Orombi to Bahati (and First Lady Janet Museveni inbetween) right down to the regular citizens seem to selectively pontificate about morals and ethics– they seem to think they know what ¨good¨ morals and ethical conduct represent in a country laced with vertical corruption, child witchburing, civil war, human slavery and the rampant abusing of fellow citizens…the whole of the unholy social mess is a hypocritical joke…¨The Red Pepper¨ illustrates, often near naked literally, the truth of the ¨situation¨nicely…meanwhile evangelical money helps blur the National Self-image…¨what a dangerous web we weave = self deceive¨

  • anteros

    after all those lies (laws on defilement, recruitment etc)? unbelievable. deliberately courting controversy and alienation. there are scores of better candidates for that job, but that ministry shouldnt even exist.

  • anteros

    based on buturo’s work, that ministry should be re-named the ministry of sharia and leviticus compliance.

  • anteros

    or as Richard pointed out… ministry of puritanical rhetoric.

  • Maazi NCO

    David Bahati to become Ethics Minister?

    Warren, I can see that your eyes is no longer on the ball and you are now busy chasing shadows and perhaps inadvertently inciting the foreign gay lobbies to push their pyrrhic “good luck” over the edge….

    based on buturo’s work, that ministry should be re-named the ministry of sharia and leviticus compliance.

    Why stop there? We could rename it in your honour — “the anteros gay promotion ministry”. You will love that—wont you? Anyways, we are working very hard on a new project. I am confident that you will be mighty proud when it is finally unveiled

  • Richard Willmer

    Or the ‘Maazi Ministry for Massacres’?

  • Richard Willmer

    Sorry – that was unfair, especially since ‘Maazi’ thinks that consenting adults in private should be ‘left alone’ (so he has said in the past).

  • anteros

    please define “gay promotion”.

  • Richard Willmer

    I am going to digress for a moment, and say something about pseudonyms.

    Some people on this blog use a pseudonym. Of those people, some do so because, if the were not to do so, they would almost certainly be in some kind of danger. However, it is a fair bet that noone on this blog constitutes a direct threat to either ‘WakefulUgandan’ or ‘Maazi NCO’.

    I accept that some of the comments I have addressed to these two commenters are less than entirely respectful. However, because they are not under any direct threat from anyone here or anyone in the country from which I believe they are blogging, they have, in my opinion, forfeited the right to the courtesies that should be accorded to anyone who is truthful about who he/she is.

  • Richard Willmer

    Those same courtesies should, of course, be extended to those who actually need to use pseudonym.