Archives for July 5, 2011

Behind the scenes: TX Gov. Rick Perry and the far right kingmakers

If this conference call succeeds and launches a serious Rick Perry run, then the GOP could fracture even more, guaranteeing the President term number two.Rick Perry 2012 slogan: If you liked the last Texas Governor who became President, you will love me! … [Read more...]

Ugandan MP says new anti-gay bill could be law soon

After a tumultuous end to business in the last session involving the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the current Ninth Parliament of Uganda continues to organize itself for business. Last week, committees were formed and rules or order are being devised.¬† Jockeying for power and influence occupy the efforts of those in the ruling party and those in the opposition.Lawmaking is probably a month away but one legislator is predicting that a re-introduced Anti-Homosexuality Bill will be law within two … [Read more...]

David Barton misleads Focus on the Family on death penalty case

Last week, Focus on the Family produced a series of broadcasts titled the Founding of America, featuring David Barton. In one of them, Barton told the audience that the Supreme Court overturned a murder conviction because the prosecutor used a Bible verse in his closing arguments. Here is Barton's version of the case:I mean, you do something religious in the courtroom and you're in a lot of trouble, as evidenced by the case that we had at the Supreme Court not long ago, called Commonwealth v. … [Read more...]