Ghana's government silent on calls to jail gays

Yesterday, I posted a piece at Religion Dispatches about the response of Ghana’s government to my inquiries about the recent calls for arrests of gays. Here is the lead:

In the face of reports that Ghana’s Western Region Minister recently called for the arrest of gays, a Ghanaian government source told RD today that the government was not “clamping down” on sexual minorities. The source, who did not want to be named since he was not speaking officially, said that Ghana is a law abiding country and that those on a crusade should take up the matter in the courts.

The issue appears to be a sensitive one for the government. The Ministry of Information and the Office of the President declined to speak to me and one staffer simply hung up when asked if the government supported recent calls to arrest gays.

Go read the rest over at RD.

UPDATE (7/28/11) – Reached the President’s office today and the spokeswoman there said she was not authorized to talk about the President’s position on the call for arrests of gays in Ghana. The Communications Director who she thought might comment was out until Monday.

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  • Maazi NCO

    Ghana’s government silent on calls to jail gays

    What did you expect from a government that is facing an election next year? A government led by a man —whom I have been made to understand by Ghanaian friends— wants to please his people who despise gayism and compulsive pro-gay western donors at the same time.

    What is not clear is whether or not the Ghanaian government will follow Uganda and take steps to codify that fear into new or harsher laws.

    I don’t see this Ghanaian government having the BALLS to stand up to the Gay Imperialism of Western nations. Not with what I have been told about this John Atta-Mills by my friends. However, over here in Uganda, we are working hard to codify our objections to the madness happening in the West (lately in New York).

  • Zoe Brain

    We’ve heard it all before, in Germany in the 30’s. Russia in the 30’s too for that matter. Rwanda as well. It’s just politics till the pogroms start.

  • Maazi NCO

    We’ve heard it all before, in Germany in the 30?s. Russia in the 30?s too for that matter. Rwanda as well. It’s just politics till the pogroms start.

    Conjuring images of Nazism and Stalinism is a time-worn tactic of the gay lobbyists. We are not deceived by those tactics. Gayism is mere sexual deviancy and we will tackle it by force of legislation. Sorry, we refuse to recognize you as a distinct genus of homosapiens different from the rest of us. In Uganda, you either behave responsibly or end up in jail.