Bachmann staffer Peter Waldron tells stories of arrest and high level connections

He says President Bush got him out of a Ugandan jail with a call to Yowari Museveni. The man at the middle of Michele Bachmann’s victory in Iowa Saturday has lots of stories to tell. Here is an interview in three parts from the Herman and Sharron Bailey Show.

Part 2

Part 3

In this video, among many other things, he accuses Museveni and his wife of maintaining death squads to eliminate enemies. Then he says they are born again Christians and good friends?! I am quite interested in the views of my Ugandan readers on this interview.

UPDATE: Richard Bartholomew has a lengthy background piece on Mr. Waldron – What do Christian Reconstructionists and Moonies have in common?

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  • Stephen

    It’s a fairly dismal ‘victory’. Out of the tiny number of votes cast she beat Ron Paul by 152. Votes that were bought by her staff suplying paid tickets to potential ‘voters’ at $30 a pop. I think she’s only a serious candidate in her own mind.

    Interesting but not surprising to read about this jackanapes. Someone please tell him to get a professional dye job; he looks like a fool.