AACC is not larger than the APA

Yesterday, Right Wing Watch pointed to a broadcast  from Liberty Counsel and a tweet from the same group saying that the American Association of Christian Counselors is larger than the American Psychological Association. Here is the still-uncorrected tweet:

As RWW pointed out, that is simply not true. The non-profit APA has “more than 154,000 members” and the for profit AACC has said they have “nearly 50,000 members” for several years.

There is another aspect to the claims made by Liberty Counsel that should be pointed out. Mat Staver said on the broadcast that the AACC has produced “the most definitive, most recent research that’s come out that says change is possible.” I assume he is talking about Jones and Yarhouse’s study of Exodus participants (and even there the changes were minimal and not in keeping with the claims made by Staver). However, the Liberty lawyers should also know that a more recent study published in Edification, a journal of the AACC, found that a group of heterosexually married sexual minorities reported no change on average in homosexual attractions.

I pointed this out in this post.

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  • Jayhuck


    I’m just curious if you’ve attempted to take Liberty and/or Staver to task for these statements?

  • Lynn David

    I am getting the feeling more and more that fact and reality does not matter much in America.

  • Bernie

    @ Lynn, ‘reality’ is not in their vocabulary. But, ‘Lying’ on behalf of The Almighty is perfectly acceptable, especially when it increases their stronghold and fattens their wallets.