Is South Korea an Example of Dominionism in Action?

Che Ahn is a one of the leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation. Ahn is Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute and co-founder, with Lou Engle, of The Call. He was an endorser of GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry’s prayer meeting in Houston last month. He also believes the President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak illustrates how government apostles can fulfill their dominionist duties. Ahn says President Myung-bak is “an apostle on the government mountain.” Watch this clip at Bruce Wilson’s You Tube page:

Among other things in this clip, Che Ahn said, “Once we do get to the top, we can make decrees and declarations that shift and influence that whole mountain.” Ahn also referred to South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak as an apostle on the government mountain. While mayor of Seoul, Myung-bak offered the city to Jesus Christ, angering the countries Buddhist community. The tensions continued when Myung-bak became president, leading to a rare public protest from Buddhists.

In this clip, Ahn referred to the unhappiness of the Buddhists, but dismissed this, saying, “When you get to the top, you can start doing some radical things for the Lord.”

One of the radical things you can do is bring other apostles into the top:

With 11 million believers, Buddhism is Korea’s largest religion, but Buddhists have accounted for only 7.7 percent of Lee’s Cabinet appointments, 12.5 percent of his appointments to senior presidential secretary, and 4.8 percent of his other Blue House secretaries. Meanwhile, in the view of Buddhists, members of Lee’s Somang Church look like they have taken up all the important positions in government.

Not long into his term, President Myung-bak sent a video supporting a large Christian youth meeting. During that meeting, a prayer leader prayed that the Buddhist temples would crumble. Understandably, this upset the Buddhists and Myung-bak offered an olive branch to the Buddhists later.

These tensions continue in Korea and sound extremely similar to tensions here at home when one religion seeks political dominance.

In this country, GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry conducts a rally calling on his God to save the nation and religious minorities became uncomfortable. A prominent spokesperson for the organizer of the rally has publicly declared that no more mosques should be built. New Apostolic Reformation leaders get behind this event in a big way. Other organizers have various nasty things to say about religious and political opponents.

I think anyone with their eyes open can see what New Apostolic Reformationists hope happens with the 2012 election. As mega-Apostle C. Peter Wagner suggests, they want to gain the “necessary influence” to eatablish dominion. They want an apostle at the top of the government mountain, because when “you get to the top, you can start doing some radical things for the Lord.”

"But went along willingly when they thought they were gonna get theirs."

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  • Ken

    While some more extreme dominionists may WANT a “christian” take over of government, I would caution about being to alarmist about them Warren. Certainly it is useful to know where politicians stand on the concept of dominionism, but you seem to be framing dominionists as a secret cabal plotting the takeover of the world. And while there may be some lunatic fringe wanting to do just that, the reality of that happening is remote at best.

    Even in South Korea, Lee’s attempts at pushing christianity on the population appear to be backfiring on him.

  • Warren

    Don’t mean to be alarmist. I don’t think it will work here or in South Korea. In practice, none of these dominionist schemes are workable. I do however, believe it is good to see what is happening and make people aware of what many aspire to do on purpose and then others are supporting without knowing the end game.

  • Zoe Brain

    you seem to be framing dominionists as a secret cabal plotting the takeover of the world.

    There’s nothing secret , they’re quite open about it, at least in the USA.

    In Australia, not so much. We’re starting to expose the leadership’s connections there, but really, the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby)’s rank-and-file aren’t into that kind of thing.

  • Red Mann

    Ken, not to be an alarmist, but many things are happening that could easily be the precursors of American fascism; the hype-nationalism, the fervent ideology, the propaganda machine, the personality cult that keeps trying to form around right wing Republicans and the bulk of the population blissfully unaware.

    When they came for the Jews….

  • Villabolo

    “. . . none of these dominionist schemes are workable.”

    The Soviet Union was not workable. Look how long it lasted.

    Even if we don’t get a full fledged, Theocracy avoiding it will come with a heavy price-millions of lives. The right wing has been hankering for a civil war and are trying to bring down this nation.

    They want to be the ones who will pick up the pieces and glue them back together with our blood. Dominionists will be there at their side.

  • heb

    Typical fundies p**sing people off wherever they go.

  • Derek in Iowa

    Part of me wishes these Dominionists would get control of all their “mountains,” along with anything else they think they need to remake the world in their image. That way, when everything falls apart and our country turns into a hellhole people can’t wait to get out of, I can turn to them and ask “OK, now what?”