Are You Ready for Some Football? Not during revival…

Don’t get used to it because during the season of dominion, no one will be watching it. The Morning Star Ministries’ Rick Joyner ‘splains

Joyner says:

I’m not saying their going to cancel the NFL, but it could get to that.

If this gets out, the New Apostolic Reformation will be doomed in Western PA.

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  • Ken

    This just goes to show that no matter the issues there are people on BOTH sides willing to stretch reality in order to vilify the “enemy.”

    I’m not sure what happened in Wales, but in the US if any religious group were to interfere with Sunday football, the resulting conflict would give new meaning to the term “Holy War.”

  • Frank

    This could be enough to unite football fans and gays in America, Ken. That would be a sign of the Apocalypse.