Golden Rule Pledge Partners with Pacer Center's National Bullying Prevention Month

The Golden Rule Pledge has again partnered with the Pacer Center and National Bullying Prevention Month for October’s effort to reduce school bullying. The GRP works to mobilize churches and youth groups to take a stand against bullying in school.

I started the GRP in 2008 in response to a call from some Christian groups  urging parents to keep their kids home on the Day of Silence. I also wanted to respond to the Day of Truth (now called Day of Dialogue) which in my view is not a constructive way to address the very real problem of bullying and anti-gay harassment in schools.

Students in high schools and colleges around the country have carried GRP pledge cards to school. Some have made clear statements to GLBT peers that they stand with them against bullying and harassment. Some churches (I have no way of knowing the number since the materials are free on the website) have used the bullying prevention materials designed for church youth groups. The Los Angeles School District has the GRP on the calendar for April of 2012.

I am always on the alert for volunteers nationally who desire to focus on ending bullying. If interested, email me.

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  • StraightGrandmother

    Warren I wish you would read this article

    and then g to Maggie Gallagers blog and inform her of the wrongness of her statement

    Why? So that legitimate pity for the gay man, and his suffering as a child, can be turned against the moral authority of chastity, for that system of sexual ethics that begins not with our desires but with our responsibility to discipline and elevate them.

    She is basically saying that all gay men have “suffered” as a child practically stating that all gay men were molested as children is the way I read this. Isn’t it about time Warren that you also started correcting the falshoods put out by Maggie Gallagher and NOM as well. She makes no bones, in fact she shouts that her platform is religiously based. You do not write enough about NOM, in fact hardly anything, and they are doing the most damage of any organization in the United States. You hardly ever write about them Warren.

    If you are concerned about bullies Warren, and I know that you are, how about talking about the biggest bully in the United States today?

    p.s. You never did write a follow up column about Jamey Rodemeyer who committed bullycide, the fact that the bullies are still at it, now bullying his surviving sister shouting out to her that they are glad he is dead.