Wallbuilders blames unnamed news source for error about pediatricians

Remember when David Barton and Rick Green told their audience that the leading pediatricians association in the nation urged school staff to stop indoctrinating kids into homosexuality? The initial response from Rick Green to a listener was to claim that there was nothing wrong in what they said on the broadcast when they referred to the American College of Pediatricians as the leading group. Of course, the real leading group, the American Academy of Pediatrics, denied giving any such advice.

Today, I received an email from the American Academy of Pediatrics, alerting me that Wallbuiders had retreated from their earlier position. Here is the email forwarded by the AAP and reproduced with permission:

Hi Debora (sic),

Thank you for your email to WallBuilders Live, I apologize for the delay in response but I hope I can address your concerns!

After airing the episode about ACP David and Rick were informed that the news source they quoted during the episode was mistaken. David and Rick sent a letter to the news source addressing the mistaken information in the story. We apologize for the mix up and appreciate your notification as well.

If you have any further question or concerns please feel free to contact us. Many blessings!

Caroline Henry


I took a quick look through Google for anyone else who might have called the American College of Pediatricians the leading association of pediatricians. Can’t find it. If anyone sees something to that effect, let me know.

I wonder if this news will make it on WallbuildersLive.

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  • Bernie

    I never called the ACP, I only emailed them and asked ‘How many members are in your org.?’

    Warren, I can’t believe these people! They are nothing but a bunch of lying snakes! With your help in continuing to expose them, then, by the Grace of God, the world will see them for what they are>

  • Bernie

    Sorry, Misread your post the first time. Was there any reply from the AAP when called? When, I spoke with the gal there, that’s when I found out their membership is more like 70K. I told they should update their website.

  • Lynn David

    Speculation on my part about the unnamed news source leads me to wonder if it wasn’t a group like:














    You get the idea…

  • Lynn David

    They couldn’t have gotten the idea from the ACP facebook page, they only have 26 people who like them and I imagine part of those are gays keeping track of them. Heck, I’m local and yet I have 8 people who like my farm’s facebook page.

    BTW… did you know there is a “Dark Christianity Wiki” now?


    Excerpted from the Dark Christianity profile page on Live Journal:

    Dark Christianity is a place for the exploration and discussion of the right-wing theocratic elements of the Christian faith, and how these religious supremacists are actively eroding the foundations of the separation of church and state in the US. Its major focus is on Dominionist Theocracy (also known as Christian Reconstructionism) and its many variants. This is not a flame or bash board – it is meant to explore, inform, and educate people about this often stealthy and deceptive fringe of the Christian faith. All religions have their ‘dark’ side, their extremists and ‘talibans’. The Dominionist focus is on the so-called “End Times” as well as the overt (and increasingly successful) attempt to create a mythical ‘Christian America’ by replacing civil law with Biblical law. This community examines these particular elements of the Christian faith, and seeks to understand the growing and very real threat that their rise to power poses to not only Christianity as a whole, but also to the US and the rest of the world.

  • Lynn David

    Warren, it may have stemmed from this news item – or rather the news item about which this article is about:


  • StraightGrandmother

    Lynn David

    They couldn’t have gotten the idea from the ACP facebook page, they only have 26 people who like them and I imagine part of those are gays keeping track of them.

    SGM= LOL! Well now that you mention it, perhaps yu could keep a screen shot to save for the day they astro turf fake Facebook friends.

  • Lynn David

    Well, I found out there are 4 pages for the ACPed.

    American College of Pediatricians

    26 people like this..

    American College of Pediatricians

    13 people like this..

    American College of Pediatricians

    8 people like this..

    American College of Pediatricians

    5612 NW 43rd St, Gainesville, FL 32653-3332

    3 people like this.

    The last page seems to be a community/company page that Facebook automatically creates. There’s one for my farm also, I think it was created when I hit 8 people liking the page I created.