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Uganda's Parliament continues Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Here it is. I thought it would be back, just didn't know when.Here is a little more from Melanie Nathan.Today's Order Paper contained the motion:7.    MOTION TO SAVE AND RETAIN BILLS THAT WERE TABLED IN THE 8TH PARLIAMENT.Mover:    Hon. Sarah Mpabwa, UPDF RepresentativeSeconder:    Hon. Ayena Krispus, MP Oyam North (UPC)I will have an update later today or tomorrow. … [Read more...]

What if NARTH was a scientific organization?

Yesterday, I pointed out that most members of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) are not mental health professionals or scientists. Even though the name of the organization promotes research and therapy, three-fourths of the members are not trained or credentialed to do either activity.Despite the constituency of the group, NARTH is promoted by religiously conservative groups as a scientific organization. One example of this is an appearance in … [Read more...]