Senator Jim Inhofe condemns Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

In response to a reporter’s request for comment, Senator Jim Inhofe, known to be affiliated with the Fellowship Foundation, condemned the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, now active again in the Ugandan Parliament.

According Red Dirt Report:

OKLAHOMA CITY — Responding to Red Dirt Report’s October 27, 2011 story “Uganda, The Family and the reintroduction of ‘loving punishments,” U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., offered the following statement, sent to this reporter on Friday:

“I do not, nor have I ever, supported or condoned this legislation. It is my hope that Uganda will abandon this unjust and extraordinarily harsh legislation,” Inhofe said.

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  • Lynn David

    Wow…. now I’m not so miffed for having voted for him once.

  • Richard Willmer

    He took a while, didn’t he? Has he perhaps finally realized that failure to condemn Bahati’s “Bloodbath Bill” could cost him votes?

    Not sure about the Red Dirt Report – it looks rather simplistic to me: for example, I suspect that, having weighed up everything, Museveni is not a supporter of the Bill (at least not any more). Even ‘Maazi NCO MP’ has admitted that the Ugandan Executive is trying to squash it.

  • Maazi NCO

    Senator Jim Inhofe condemns Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

    This news is of no consequence to Uganda and Ugandans

    Even ‘Maazi NCO MP’ has admitted that the Ugandan Executive is trying to squash it.

    The above comment in block quotes is more than enough evidence that gay propagandists are professional liars and make it a point of duty to put words it into your mouth or deliberately distort whatever you tell them.

  • Richard Willmer

    ‘Maazi NCO’ has, on this very blog, complained that the Ugandan Government has been trying to stop the Bill going through Parliament. He made several comments relating to this back in May, when there was all that shenanigans at the end of the Eight Parliament.

  • Richard Willmer

    I reckon that ‘Maazi’s’ main problem is that he talks too much (and then forgets what he has said)!

  • Richard Willmer

    But I do agree with ‘Maazi NCO MP’ that the Senator’s tardy comments are hardly anything to get that excited about, unless they indicate some serious ‘behind-the-scenes’ work to reduce support for the Bill … which is possible, I suppose.

  • Richard Willmer

    ‘Maazi NCO MP’ said this on 20 May:

    … it was the MPs across party lines from NRM to FDC to UPC to the Independents who were gagging to vote unanimously in favour of that bill and it was the executive branch which was trying to restrain our parliament.

    So, according to ‘Maazi NCO MP’, those who tell the truth are lying, and those (like him) who lie are really telling the truth. His credibility is completely in tatters. He can’t even be truthful about his own name!

  • Richard Willmer

    Another lie on the part of little ‘Maazi’: not all MPs support the Bill, and Warren and I can prove it … but we won’t (as people generally believe us in any case).

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Inhofe has been a virulent anti-gay politician (and Mormon) from the get go; so it is interesting that his alleged comments on Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill mark somewhat of a turning point in his mindset. But facts are facts: Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bills and poses are the remarkable results of white American anti-Gay fundamentalist evangelicals like Scott Lively and ilk who have used Uganda as their private battleground against homosexuals. The damage is done despite protests to the contrary as almost ever Ugandan has been hearing the message for years: kill homosexuals!

  • Maazi NCO

    The damage is done despite protests to the contrary as almost ever Ugandan has been hearing the message for years: kill homosexuals!

    Brilliant Gay Propaganda Line—–Ugandans (and other Africans) lack capacity for independent thinking because they all have the mental age of children and therefore, are in constant need of instructions from the adults (i.e. White Europeans and Americans).

  • Richard Willmer

    ‘Maazi NCO MP’

    I don’t agree at all: I know many highly intelligent Africans … my current boss, for example!

    I know you’re sometimes none-too-bright (telling blatantly obvious – how shall I put it – ‘inexactitudes’ and expecting to get away with it), but I’m sure you’re not typical!


  • StraightGrandmother

    Dear Richard Willmer,

    Please carry on. It is a pleasure to read your comments concerning Uganda.



  • Richard Willmer

    My comments are not really about Uganda, actually, SGM.

    I know many Ugandans and like them enormously. What therefore perhaps pains me most is those who besmirch Uganda’s reputuaion with deceitful and vicious rhetoric against some of their own people.

    One Ugandan I know, and who currently lives in London, now says he’s Rwandan to avoid ‘funny looks’; another told me that she was ‘ashamed to be a Ugandan’ in the wake of, especially, the Bahati Bill. They are both as straight as can be, as far as I know. It’s very sad, and completely unnecessary.

    This whole ‘Bahati business’ has developed a life of its own. In many ways, it’s very unUgandan (Ugandans are usually peaceful, generous and hospitable people quite unlike our ‘post-pay-rise’ fellow blogger seems to be). It might have something to do with the general ‘instability’ in Ugandan politics: Museveni is getting old, and – despite some very creditable achievements in the past – is seriously ‘past his prime’ … but there’s no obvious successor (this is perhaps the result of a deliberate policy on M7’s part – e.g. a few years back, he plucked a complete unknown to be his Vice President): the current Vice President Ssekandi and Premier Mbabazi are both nearing the end of their political careers, and the latter has many enemies (which may include Bahati, by the way). The Parliament hasn’t that much real power, although it’s trying to ‘flex its muscles’ at the moment: this may another factor at play re. the Bill. All very complicated. Meanwhile, innocent gay Ugandans are ‘canaries in the coal mine’.

    One hears much talk from certain about the ‘moral superiority’ (sexually, of course) of Ugandan society over ‘ western society’. That’s a favourite ‘lietmotif’ of the ‘bahatistas’ at the moment. My own view is that main difference is that ‘naughtiness’ in that regard tends to be ‘covered up’ more there than here or in the USA (although many straight Ugandan men are often open about their energetic promiscuity). It’s interesting to note that many ‘bahatistas’ complain mostly about the fact that gay Ugandans are being open about who they are … and that is what they find so difficult: the pretence of a ‘gay free Uganda’ is no longer credible.

    I think ‘Maazi NCO’ is an MP, and the reason I have engaged with him is to get insight and information into what’s really going on. He has actually been quite helpful in his way.

  • Frank

    Inhofe used to be an insurance salesman. This is proof insurance salesmen have souls.