Have a Kindle and like this blog?

You can now have this blog delivered to your Kindle by subscribing at Amazon.com. Click this link to subscribe. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can head on over to Amazon and click the like button and even write a friendly review.

There are thousands of blogs now published on Amazon for delivery to Kindle devices. A list of them is here.

One hot gadget debate this season is the Kindle Fire versus the Nook Color. We opted for the Fire and the Amazon Universe. Anyone like the Nook better?

If you subscribe, let me know what you think of getting this kind of content on an e-reader.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/johnbltz John Blatzheim

    Think I’ll be getting a Kindle for the holidays this year, I’ll definitely be adding you as soon as I do! This ex-gay survivor loves your stuff, keep up the good work Warren.

  • http://wthrockmorton.com Warren

    John – Thanks for your comment. For now, you can still go review the blog on the Amazon site since you are a current reader. Those reviews help when people are trying to decide what to try out.