Perry to stay in the race?

Rick Perry went out jogging and apparently that was all the reassessment he needed. Just a bit ago, Perry tweeted:

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

See this and this.

Either he is going to continue his campaign now that Bachmann is out or he really means he is running a marathon in South Carolina.

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  • Nick

    The assumption (I’m guessing) is that Bachmann’s exit opens the door for her supporter to move to his camp. Given how low they both finished in Iowa, one wonders if this will really make a difference. I can’t see it mattering in NH, so the only hope would be to capitalize on the conservative base in SC, assume that Romney is still viewed with trepidation by the Right there, and hope to finish 1-2 with Paul.

    Again, however, I’m skeptical that this makes much difference in the long run. Even if he finishes first in SC, if Romney manages to finish second, can Perry really claim that he has momentum going forward, even with a more conservative rallied around him?