MIA for about 3 hours

Sorry, gentle readers, if you tried to visit the blogstead from about noon to 3pm or so, you would have found a nasty “account suspended” page.

Scary. Nasty. Let’s just forget it ever happened.

We are still figuring out the problem, or I should say the experts are trying to figure it out.

For awhile, some of the features of the blog will not work – commenting features and the like. If you see anything disturbing lurking about, please email me at warrenthrockmorton at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: If you have been trying to access the site, you will know that the site is erratic today. Apparently, there is an attack of some kind on the site which is creating problems. We are tracking this down but the site may be spotty for awhile.

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  • http://musings.northerngrove.com/ Jarred

    Glad to hear it’s being resolved. I saw the dreaded “account suspended” message and was concerned what could possibly have happened.