Follow up: NTV report says anti-gay bill to be brought to a vote

As I noted on Friday, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is back. According to this NTV report, it will be tabled soon, possibly tomorrow:


Reports that the bill had been shelved are apparently incorrect. The Business committee met today and apparently came up with a schedule to return bills from the 8th Parliament to the floor of this new one.

Here is the procedure for the bill if it is to be passed. If passed by the Parliament, the President cannot veto it. He may return it with suggested edits but bills passed by Parliament will eventually become law over the objections of the President.

Full text of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009.



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  • anteros

    in today’s paper: MPs receive 103,000,000/= EACH for new vehicles… a fact that was supposed to be kept from public knowledge… i’m sure that’s why we’re hearing about the anti-homosexuality bill doing all sorts of exciting things except being passed or trashed.

  • anteros

    (at least 327 MPs) x (103,000,000/=)

    that’s over 33,681,000,000/=

    of course we’re going to be hearing about creepy evil rich gay western sugar daddies being stopped from recruiting ugandan kids, spreading “gay propaganda” and introducing “gayism” to uganda at all costs by our determined and righteous MPs who won’t be corrupted by neocolonialist’s aid, because corruption hasn’t yet reduced uganda to a poor begging underdeveloped nation that depends on aid… uganda has more than enough money of its own, right? …enough to go around those who matter (parliament and other big people) but not enough for the rest of ugandans who, according to elected representatives in parliament, are more concerned about catching homosexuals and killing them than about the corruption and poverty killing ugandans every day.

    pass the stupid bill.

  • Richard Willmer

    Or trash it … one or the other. (If it is passed, parliamentarians may have to consider a cheaper model next year; also, if it’s passed, the courts may end up trashing it.)

  • anteros

    they need to pass it… that way, we can to get to the bottom of this anti-homosexuality garbage heap and deal with it permanently.

  • anteros

    next, we’re going to hear that the bill has been forwarded to the contemplating and reflecting committee for further consideration before it can be debated by parliament, where it will linger indefinitely while it carries on being used the same way it’s been used ever since it was introduced. pass it.