Liberian Senate Leader Says Gay Legislation Not Needed

In what appears to be a quick move to downplay reports yesterday of draconian anti-gay legislation in Liberia, the Senate President Pro-tempore, Gbehnzongar Findley, said yesterday that no need exists for pro- or anti-gay legislation.

The President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbehnzongar Findley has said that there is no need for any legislation on the protection of gay and lesbian rights in the country.

Addressing his monthly press briefing on Thursday, Pro-tempore Findley said the issue of gay right is not an issue in Liberia as no one has been denied his/right to practice gay or lesbianism in the country.
Pro-tempore Findley clarified that the Constitution of Liberia guaranteed the right of everyone including those involved in same sex practices. “Are these being any act of discrimination against any of them; is there any discriminatory law against them or have they been disfranchised or are people throwing stone at them?” Pro-tempore Findley wondered.
He said as President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate any act of infinitive whether for or against will not fall under his gavel. He noted that the Constitution does not in any way infringe on the right of anyone including gay and lesbians. He said the organic law of the country guarantees such right and will not be the one to decide.
“There is no need for legislation for gay and lesbians right because it is in the law and if anyone feels that their right is being violated let them go to the court,” the Grand Bassa County Senior Senator averred.
I know very little about the situation for LGBT people there so I don’t know whether gays would share the Senator’s assessment of the situation.
Sen. Findley seems clear that he will not entertain proposals from either Senator Taylor or LGBT campaigners.
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  • Maazi NCO

    I know very little about the situation for LGBT people there so I don’t know whether gays would share the Senator’s assessment of the situation.

    Sen. Findley seems clear that he will not entertain proposals from either Senator Taylor or LGBT campaigners


    This reminds me of the curious case of unshelving, shelving and re-shelving dusty copies of the Bahati Bill by Mzee Adolf .K. Mwesige (Ugandan Minister For Local Government) . Obviously, President (Mrs) Ellen Johnson Shirleaf does not want to clash with the Western world that gifted her with the Nobel Prize so she got this chap Mr. Gbehnzongar Findley to play the role that retired House Speaker Mr. Edward Ssekandi performed brilliantly in the 8th Ugandan Parliament on behalf of the Ugandan Executive Government. But can the executive branch of the Liberian State act as an effective buffer between Western interests and the plan of the Liberian legislators??

    I repeatedly asked Richard Willmer this question with regards to the Uganda, but he had nothing much to say apart from indicating that the almighty UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office was devoting time to reading my comments….

  • Richard Willmer

    Which question have you asked me, ‘Maazi’? About the role of the Executive? (I’ve given you an answer to this, and it is “I don’t know.”)

    I also don’t know whether the FCO officials with whom I communicate read your comments, but I have mentioned that it gives one insight into certain aspects of the political opposition to the UG Government. I thought they might be interested …

    Now a question for you: how do you know that Senator Findley’s comments were prompted by the Liberian Government? Or are you just guessing?

    (It was probably no bad thing that it was Taylor who came up with this sado-bahatistic idea. I would imagine that she is somewhat ‘shop-soiled’, politically-speaking …)

  • Eric Williamson

    I am taken aback that Liberia a country whose nomenclature suggest freedom; is the very country bent on stampeding on the rights of a minority sector off the population. While it is true that Liberia is founded on christian principles, Liberia is not a Theocracy. Yes I am not a homosexual and probably am still doubtful; but I am aware that the very people who claim to be Christians are being hypocritical; for Jesus said, in Matt 7 v 1; “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use”. I am also not an advocate for denigrating the human dignity and respect, afforded to all Liberians as per the Constitutional.

    Guaranteeing individuals to choose their sexual preference is not unconstitutional nor does it promotes same sex marriage. For those who aver that the latter is true; I say to you stop the fear mongering. We can guaranteed the pursuit of happiness and life’s liberties as enshrined in the constitution; while we protect the sanctity of marriage as defined in the constitution as a union between a man and a woman. So Gay Rights is not the same as same sex marriage. All must enjoy the pursuit of happiness and and liberties that life offers.

    To say that what consenting adults do with their sex life should be punishable by a 10 year jail term is a gross human rights violation and no Liberian; I mean no Liberian should be content with such a law.

    Good that the President Pro temproe of the Senate understands the unconstitutionality of the proposal by his colleague Bong County Snr. Sen. Hon. Jewel Taylor. Hon. Taylor love can not be legislated; and it’s disheartening that you would elect, as a lawmaker to use your office to infringe on the rights of the minority. please Hon Taylor, might does not make right.