Golden Rule Pledge listed on; How about a Walk-In?

I noticed last week that the Golden Rule Pledge is now listed on the federal government’s website.

This government resource is managed by DHHS and contains a wealth of information for schools, parents and students to help curb bullying.

I like it.

Regarding the Golden Rule Pledge and the Days of Dialogue and Silence, I only know of one district where they may be observed together. All around, this year seems more quiet than any previous year.

Of course, some religious right groups want students to walk out on the Day of Silence saying that the DOS keeps students from learning. I don’t understand the logic. Some kids being silent for parts of a day interferes with learning, but skipping school is educationally sound?

Instead of a walk-out, I advise a walk-in. Kids, walk in school and promise to treat others the way you want to be treated. Not only is that educationally sound, it sounds like a pretty good moral philosophy.


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  • Bernie

    Thank you once again for being a voice a reason.

  • Lynn David

    Accepted by the Obama administration…. now you’re rounding the corner of Switzerland and headed into France!

    Good job!