David Barton will be on the Daily Show tonight

Round two between Jon Stewart and David Barton, 11pm eastern time.

I imagine The Jefferson Lies will be the focus of the interview.

Getting Jefferson Right should be available this week. Click the link to like it on Facebook. GJR is an eBook which will be available on Amazon.com. It carefully analyzes claim made about Jefferson using original sources, contemporary accounts and Jefferson’s own words. Watch for it…

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  • Bernie

    I’ll be looking forward to this, I love Jon Stewart’s brusque truthfulness.

  • Dan

    Throckmorton, why don’t you have anything to say about the Berean Baptist Church story? This is what Christianity is in America today and as a self-identified Christian professor at a Christian college, you are part of it.


    • Gee, Dan, I should have seen that coming and ran down there and slammed that bigot to the platform. I will get right on that.

      Seriously, I didn’t hear about it until right now.

  • Nick

    “This is what Christianity is in America today and as a self-identified Christian professor at a Christian college, you are part of it.”

    But that’s a fairly ridiculous statement to make, and is really only accurate in the broadest possible definition of “part of.” By that definition, I’m “part of” the “texting while driving” craze that’s (apparently) sweeping across the country simply because I use a car to commute back and forth to work – and even though I don’t text while doing so.

    Let’s be objective here. Radical elements will always be part of religion. And, I’ll certainly agree that it seems as though these types of statements and stances (like the Berean Baptist example) are increasing in number. But, the fact is that these positions increase in number only as the number of people who feel that “America is under attack” increase. Importantly, the religious groups who hold the latter view are the ones making the former statements. This is not a mainstream Catholic view, nor is it a mainstream Protestant view. It’s a viewpoint espoused by some unhinged individuals, that happens to get viral play, and that is then seized upon by some as evidence of what “Christianity is in America today.” We can cherry-pick ad nauseum to find examples such as the one above; sadly, they’re readily available. But, if we want to dig a little deeper we can certainly find just as many examples of Christians who disavow this type of rhetoric and behavior, and work instead to promote justice and compassion.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Nick, Please go to http://www.GoodAsYou.org and read 10 pages. At the bottom of each page you can go to previous pages. Please do that and then come back here and argue that these views towards sexual minorities are NOT mainstream Christianity. Thank you.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Good As You has an article on David Barton showing that on Google he is Search # 4 today. So I hope you get out there and plug your book Warren.

  • Nick

    @ Straight Grandmother

    My argument still stands. And look: I don’t even consider myself much of a Christian. Truth be told, I’m a very weak theist who leans agnostic. I don’t make those comments in an effort to defend Christianity: I actually find organized religion to be pretty abhorrent. However, as I noted above: we can easily cherry-pick and find negative examples of things. Good For You certainly seems to keep up on all the negative points of view espoused – and that’s fine. Malicious intent shouldn’t be tolerated. But, again, this is not a “mainstream” issue. This is certainly becoming more common-place, yes…but that’s not the same thing as “mainstream.” I’ve attended any number of churches with friends that aren’t in any way making statements such as the one noted by Good For You – and the churches are mainstream denominations. Certainly that’s only anecdotal, and I recognize that. However, as much as I hate religion, it is in no way accurate to argue that “mainstream Christianity” – and by extension mainstream Christians – categorically feel this way. It’s doubtful they do; moreover, it’s doubtful that it could be proven either.