Getting Jefferson Right in Salon today

Salon today posted my article on David Barton and a brief look at the falsehoods in Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies.

One claim I haven’t spent much time on until lately is Barton’s claim that Thomas Jefferson could not emancipate his slaves due to restrictions in VA law. Barton says in The Jefferson Lies that Jefferson could not have emancipated his slaves and blamed Virginia law. As I point out in the article and we point out in the book, that is a false claim.

Thanks to John Fea at Messiah College for the comments and blog post I cited.

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  • Carol A Ranney

    Seems “The Jefferson Lies” was well named. The most annoying thing about this type of book (or speech, or blog, or broadcast) is that these people claim to be followers of Christ and yet act as if God needs the assistance of their tweaking the facts or downright making up lies to support His cause. If the God they claim to follow is really God, creator of the universe and Savior of the world, revealer of the way of right living through the Bible, they will have a lot to account for someday.

  • Danny


    Won’t you please tell your Christian readers all about the loving Christian sermon delivered by Pastor Charles Worley of the Providence Rd. Baptist Church in NC?

    It is going viral (see news story link below). I am so pleased that the whole world is getting yet another front-row view of “Christian love.” Just a few weeks ago, there was the pastor who urged congregants to punch 4-year olds and crack their wrists, and now there is this. Pastor Worley’s church is a Bible-believing church, grounded in orthodox Christian doctrine and holding to the inerrancy of Scripture. So we are seeing the genuine article, the real deal. He is not an aberration or an outlier.

    To the vast majority of the people, it is horrifying and evil. Christians’ warped obsession with gay people will destroy Christianity’s image around the world. As a gay person, I take great satisfaction in knowing that, simply by existing, I incited Christians to overt rage and genocidal ideation, and thus helped bring about Christianity’s well-deserved demise.