This hurts my head.

Harping, harping, harping. It’s about the homosexuals…

Those who say the pastor should be ignored need to think through the thinking process of this woman who sits in the pew. Maybe this way of thinking is specific to Pastor Worley and this woman but I kind of doubt it.

I am glad for the Christian ministers who have spoken against this church recently. If I were in NC, I would be holding a sign outside of this church.

These guys need to write a follow up article on North Carolina.

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  • Richard Willmer

    So ‘pastor’ Worley speaks ‘the Word of God’ then? I hope for his sake that the Word of God Himself does not take too much exception to that idea!

    (It does remind me how ‘bad religion’ so often involves shuffling off responsibility for one’s own opinions and beliefs onto God. A very dangerous thing to do – see Matt. 7 : 22, 23. @ Worley / Pritchard : For your own sakes, stop doing this!)

  • Richard Willmer

    I note that Pritchard seems to approve of the execution of adulterers. I wonder how she, had she live in Nazareth in 1 B.C., would have reacted to the Blessed Virgin Mary becoming pregnant before marriage? Think about it!

    These people just don’t think through the implications of their ‘biblical’ beliefs, despite having the ‘benefit of hindsight’. 🙁

  • Lynn David

    I have cousins similar to her. But they had a father (my uncle) who was worse than Worley. I am reminded of a song from South Pacific:

    You’ve got to be taught

    To hate and fear,

    You’ve got to be taught

    From year to year,

    It’s got to be drummed

    In your dear little ear

    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

  • Blake

    I went to high school with people like her. You should hear it in person. The thought of it still turns my stomach. The southern accent really is an excellent vehicle for expressing contempt. But there’s not a lot of them… even in the South.

    Thanks for the link. Excellent column. About dern time. The follow-up should be on Russia or Ukraine; North Carolina is going to be fine. The South’s still too proud and vain to not be fashionably late with social change.

  • Bernie

    Let’s see, petulant, ignorant, haughty, indignant, disdainful, arrogant, and contemptuous. Have I missed any of her other sides to her virtuous personality? Such a wonderful Christian!

  • M. Worrell

    Yes, look at what’s being accomplished by heaping contempt on this woman. Excellent work, guys. She’s so disgusting and unlike us in every way.

  • Lisa

    SERIOUSLY~ IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. This is Pathetic. Nothing was taken out of context- the Pastor said it exactly the way he meant it. and his congregation went along with it. BLAH- BLAH- BLAH ~ there is no Christ or Christianity coming from that pulpit or the people following the Pastor and his own ignorance and prejudice. Flashback to the 50’s and 60’s and this white woman clearly from the south could be talking about black folks. This is NO Gospel or Good News message- it is fear, ignorance and rhetoric coming from people who have no ability to come and reason together because they just don’t get it. Why this crap is what makes the nightly news is sincerely embarrassing in and of itself and frankly I hope we can ALL do better in the future.

  • Lisa

    It ALL makes sense when you finally realize that EXTREME Far Right Republicans who call themselves “Christian” can be some of the meanest people on the planet. (NOT ALL but MANY). Voting your conscience and speaking your heart on matters of Civil Rights is much better than siding with legalist who claim to Love Jesus but wouldn’t know Him if they tripped over him. Which is exactly what they often do right after administering a swift kick to Him and the people HE LOVES ! Something has got to give and until Christian’s know, understand and EXTEND the GRACE we have all been given to others we are doomed to go in circle’s regarding this issue for years to come.

    I love what this woman Cheryl Tyler Moss has to say~ and just ordered a copy of her book. And You Invited Me In….

    And You Invited Me In was written ?because the people who call themselves Christians ?should be the first to forgive, the first to bring a hot meal, ?a warm hug, a drink of water to the thirsty. ?It was written because in the early 1990s I saw a church ?fail their member and his family. ?Click here for the YouTube video on why the book was written. ?I wanted people to know that Jesus ?never gives up and never lets go.

    You can purchase And You Invited Me In from or directly from me using PayPal. Price listed below also includes priority shipping.

  • Fg68at

    The reaction is (not all, but) common/normal. 🙁

    Bad statistic, bad views: “this is not so, nobody will do this, it _only_ about (practicing) homosexuality. They can do what they want, but no marriage, no teaching, no singing in church, no …”

    You’ve Got to be Taught How to Hate

  • Richard Willmer

    @ M. Worrell

    I understand your point. We must take care not to end up behaving like those whom we are opposing.

    But – as she might say – we must also ‘say it as it is’. Too many of us have perhaps been too ‘sweet and reasonable’ for too long.

  • I understand your point. We must take care not to end up behaving like those whom we are opposing.

    I agree. And believe me, I’ll be among the first to slam on the brakes as soon as I hear someone suggest that we should round up Worley and his supporters and inter them until they die off. I haven’t seen anyone come even close.

    What bothers me — and I get the impression it bothers you as well, Richard — is that there seems to be an underlying idea among some that no expression of outrage over Worley’s words is reasonable. It’s as if people should take the suggestion that LGBT people should be rounded up and imprisoned indefinitely with Vulcan-like stoicism. That’s simply not something I’m willing to sign on for.

  • Richard Willmer

    No ‘expression of outrage’ would indeed bother me very much! Such (highly unreasonable) ‘non-expression’ would also undermine the whole concept of ‘freedom of speech’ – a concept predicted upon different viewpoints being able to be heard. Those of us (entirely reasonably, in my view) expressing outrage do so in part to defend proper freedom of expression (and it might even credibly be claimed that we are not talking about ‘homosexuality’ per se at all – and we’re certainly not ‘harping’ on it!).

  • Just yesterday, Right Wing Watch posted a video clip in which David Barton argues for the criminalization of homosexuality. So no, Worley’s views don’t seem to be all that isolated.

    And before someone argues that there’s a difference between calling for the criminalization of homosexuality and actively calling for LGBT people to be rounded up and placed in determent camps, I’d note that at most it’s a difference in degree rather than nature. At most. Depending on what Barton thinks the proper punishment for homosexuality should be, the difference could be much less or even non-existent.