Police break up LGBT conference in Uganda

Uganda’s police with nothing better to do…

KAMPALA — Ugandan police on Monday raided a gay rights workshop in Kampala and questioned activists attending the gathering, rights campaigners said.

East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, the organisation behind the workshop, said that police interrupted the meeting and began questioning participants at the event, including activists from Canada, Kenya and Rwanda.

The police forced their way into some of the activists’ hotel rooms, the group said in a statement.

The training workshop was intended to bolster the local gay community’s abilities to report rights abuses, the statement said.

Activists condemned the police action and said it represented a growing trend.

From NTV Uganda:

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  • Lynn David

    Yeah, no real human rights in Uganda if you cannot just talk about it. And the Bahati bill is an attempt, however unconstitutional even in Uganda, to allow the police to use their abuse of power that they’ve been doing anyway.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    First, a gracious thank you to Warren Throckmorton who is almost singlehandedly exposing the horrors of homophobia in Uganda(the poisonous fruit of homophobic white American evangelists and their money).

    Second, where are the episcopal denunciations of such brutal acts in Uganda coming from the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches? Where is the voice of the high and mighty Vatican, so-called champion of human rights worldwide? Indeed, are these churches not complicit in Ugandan brutality by their very silence? Silence equals death!

  • Considering Exodus’s recent policy statementto “legally and physically” stand with LGBT, I hope Exodus will take action to undo their prior support of anti-gay Ugandan leaders. It would send a clear message if an Exodus representative physically attended a meeting with Ugandan LGBT leaders.

  • Maazi NCO

    Uganda’s police with nothing better to do…

    Of course, the obvious riposte would be —

    Don’t these Euro-American Gay Propagandists and their domestic puppets have anything better to do than to promote sex crimes. Let the Euro-American Propagandists concentrate on their ongoing war on the definition of marriage within the borders of the United States and leave Africa out of it. Like I said earlier, the Ugandan State will NEVER allow the promotion of a dangerous, hedonistic and inhuman deviant behaviour such as gayism within its borders. We will NEVER change our minds on this matter. Ranting and raving from Euro-American Gay Lobbyists—- desperate to convert Uganda into the Thailand-style Gay Sex Tourist Paradise—- is futile.

  • Richard Willmer

    Actually (real) sex crimes are promoted by the kind of hypocrisy, dishonesty, chaos, corruption, power-games, violence and hatred inherent in the whole ‘Bahati saga’. These are also the things that help to keep ‘developing’ countries weak and easily exploitable.