Uganda to ban NGOs over gay rights

The crackdown continues:

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Uganda said on Wednesday it was banning 38 non-governmental organisations it accuses of promoting homosexuality and recruiting children.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, along with more than 30 other countries in Africa, and activists say few Africans are openly gay, fearing imprisonment, violence and losing their jobs.

Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo told Reuters the organisations being targeted were receiving support from abroad for Uganda’s homosexuals and accused gays and lesbians of “recruiting” young children in the country into homosexuality.

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  • Richard Willmer

    Bahatism in action.

    We warned you.

  • Richard Willmer

    (Comment above addressed to homophobic UG politicos like a certain rather repetitive commenter on this blog … This repression will be ‘rolled out’, unless these politicos come to their senses and work to put a stop to it.)

  • Richard Willmer

    From the horse’s mouth:

    Yes – it’s a GENERAL crackdown, with ‘fighting gayism’ used as a convenient little excuse for repression.

  • Michael Bussee

    “Facing international criticism, Uganda now says it does not discriminate against homosexuals” ~ By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, June 22, 7:09 AM

    Kampala, UGANDA — Responding to growing international criticism of anti-gay efforts in Uganda, the government said in a statement Friday that it does not discriminate against people “of a different sexual orientation.”

    “No government official is (supposed) to harass any section of the community and everybody in Uganda enjoys the freedom to lawfully assemble and associate freely with others,” the statement said.

    It was signed by Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo, the official accused by gay activists of orchestrating a hate campaign that includes breaking up gay conferences and threatening to expel civil society groups he says promote homosexuality in the conservative east African country.

    This is the first time the government is making a statement that appears to recognize the rights of gay people in Uganda, where most homosexuals remain closeted for fear of attacks, and it seemed to take even the activists by surprise.”

  • Richard Willmer

    The situation is certainly very confused!