Charisma recycles 2004 article, gets lots of attention, then goes away. Alan, at the beach, knows nothing about it

Charisma Magazine generated an internet thunderstorm today by updating and reprinting a 2004 article by Alan Chambers titled, Do We Want a Gay America? Charisma put it on the front page of their webpage with no notice that it was a reprint.

RightWingWatch (who has the article in full) picked up on it and then various gay blogs followed. I started seeing emails and tweets about two hours ago. Then ExGayWatch and BoxTurtleBulletin reported that the article was a reprint. BTB editor Jim Burroway just tweeted that a woman at Charisma told him they were looking into it.

Meanwhile, Alan Chambers tweeted that he was at the beach and didn’t know anything about it, saying

Breaking: No idea why @charismamag pulled out an 8 year old piece I wrote that doesn’t reflect my current views.

Charisma has blocked access to the article.

All of that in a matter of hours. I would say Charisma has got some explaining to do.

UPDATE: Alan just sent this note along:

I am on the beach, literally, with my family enjoying the dog days of summer.  I have no idea why Charisma decided to reach so deep, edit and republish an 8 year old article that I am embarrassed that I ever wrote.  Our PR team has asked them to remove the article and not to repost it.  When I am back in town I will contact them, as well.

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  • Michael Bussee

    I strongly encourage your readers to review the entire article. It’s pretty disgusting and I can understand why Alan is ashamed of it. Scott Lively has written tamer stuff.

    Yes, Alan wrote it 8 years ago, but he never retracted it. Today, Charisma took advantage of Alan’s mistake. Let’s not forget that Alan DID write it and he DID believe it.

    I don’t think it’s enough to say, “Sorry about the confusion”. Alan needs to explain why he no longer believes those things — point by point — and then ask Charisma to print it.

    And of course, Charisma magazine owes the public (and Alan) a full explanation, retraction and apology.

  • Teresa

    Very disturbing, indeed. Yes, Michael, Charisma needs to do exactly what you’ve pointed out.

    I do think, however, there’s some other important stuff happening in the last couple of days: Nicolosi’s admission that ‘he doesn’t cure gay’s’ … and, that gays will always have some level of same-sex attraction. Why is that flying under the radar? This is a huge disclosure from the chief advocate of Reparative Therapy.

    Also, John Paulk’s recent story … perhaps, a pending divorce; perhaps, dating a man and being seen at homosexual establishments.

    The whole ‘change’ world seems to be imploding.