New Ex-gay Group Kicking It Old Skool

A new-old ex-Exodus association will hold their first conference September 21-22, 2012 at Sunrise Community Church at Orangevale, CA. The keynote speakers will be Dr. Robert Gagnon, Frank Worthen and Andrew Comiskey. The group has a statement of principles which begins with: “Sexual purity is a life-and-death matter.”

You can also follow along the developments at Restored Hope’s Facebook page.

It is fascinating to watch these developments. My guess is that PFOX and NARTH will line up with this group as a replacement for Exodus. Will Restored Hope go political? My guess is that there will be overtures from social conservative groups to attend marriage rallies, testify on legislation, etc.

The conflict between the change and congruence paradigms has been brewing for awhile. This development just makes it explicit.




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  • Lynn David

    It was inevitable that a group dedicated to their antiquated perception of supposed truths would sprout up in the wake of the reality Exodus has proposed.

  • Randy

    I doubt NARTH would officially join ranks with them but PFOX probably will if they can. Plus a number of other ministries that orbit that realm. I think if people who are truly interested in understanding the movement as a whole will see that the “paradigm” split isn’t just a two way one or two issue affair. There is a huge complex nature to this movement with many many different characters and beliefs.

  • Dan

    I find their statement of principles to be a theological mess. I am not even a Christian (thank “God”) but even I can navigate its simple-minded rules and concepts more adeptly than these folks.

    To take one example, they say “We regard the Bible as God’s inspired word and as the highest authority in matters of faith and practice.” The Bible, as all good Christians know, makes it very clear that there are no men that are righteous, “no not one.” More emphatically, the Bible teaches that the “human heart is desperately wicked.” Accordingly, it is impossible for any human being to achieve “sexual purity.” or any kind of purity. To say otherwise is to contradict “the highest authority in matters of faith and practice.”

    Yet this is exactly the objective that is extolled, indeed mandated, by this group. And they are not talking about a purity achieved through atonement of Christ. Read through the statement of principles and it is very clear that sexual purity is something that must be achieved through a person’s conduct. Indeed, they assert that a failure to do so can cause a Christian to lose his salvation, thus making it unambiguous that the “purity” of which they speak is a phenomenon discrete from the cleansing one receives when he accepts Christ and which can act independently and impose consequences regardless of the decision to accept Christ.

    As I say, what a mess. But that will likely be a running theme in the lives of these fellows.

  • Michael Bussee

    “By distancing itself from reparative therapy and affirming the (fairly common) evangelical doctrine of “once saved, always saved,” the still-very-definitely conservative Exodus International has moved just a little bit to the left. Naturally, this leaves true Christians, such as those at PFOX, wondering whether Exodus is now in league with the kingdom of the cults…” ~ Dave Rattigan