David Barton says he has another publisher for The Jefferson Lies

That was fast.

On the Wallbuilders Facebook page, Barton writes the book will rise again. See also this email to his supporters.

I might have more to say when the publisher is announced but until then, consider this an open forum on the matter…

John Fea has some thoughts on those rising to Barton’s defense.

There are many reports on various facets of this story. I hope to bring all the links together on Monday. If Barton does get another publisher, the story will revive with fresh controversy. My hope is that Christian leaders who know the issues will step forward and speak clearly.

"That would appear to be the over-arching truth."

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  • Wow, reading those Facebook comments on Wallbuilders is spooky. It doesn’t seem to occur to any of them that Barton could possibly be wrong. They only want to hear that Jefferson was just like them. Itchy ears indeed.

  • I predict the new publisher will be Blurb — or something similarly self published.

  • Lynn David

    Xulon – self publishers. Crossbooks. Beka – well known for their books which teach nonsense for science and even math.

    Faith seems to trump reason every time with the Barton crowd.

  • Gus

    Hasn’t Wallbuilders ‘self published’ some of Barton’s previous books?

  • TxHistoryProf


    Barton says about you on CNN.com

    “This is one of the cases where he is just nuts,” Barton told the Nashville paper.


    He is deluded!

  • ken

    David Roberts says:

    August 10, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    “Wow, reading those Facebook comments on Wallbuilders is spooky.”

    amongst his true-believers Barton can do no wrong. Fortunately, that group it relatively small (compared to the US pop.). Even the larger population of people who want to believe what Barton is saying are beginning to doubt him. Haven’t seen people like Huckabee or Gingrinch speaking up to condemn Thomas Nelson publishing or otherwise defend Barton’s integrity. Maybe Beck will, but I suspect even he is realizing he backed the wrong horse on this issue.

  • ken

    TxHistoryProf says:

    August 11, 2012 at 9:00 am

    ” “This is one of the cases where he is just nuts,” Barton told the Nashville paper.’

    “In the land of the insane, the sane man must appear insane”

    Barton’s Wallbuilder nation is definitely the ‘land of the insane”

  • It is sad to see so called christians so invested in a lie (that america was founded by people like them – therefore they should be running things) – it seems to be their life mission – and God is trying to break through that wall – but they choose the lie instead…poor souls.

  • TxHistoryProf


    Most of the Founders were Christians of one denomination or another but they also realized by the interdenominational scrapping that there could be no official state religion based on the track record of the Puritans and Anglicans in America and Europe.

  • Julian

    This is why the world will never see us as different. We try to destroy our brother. We are on the same side. We show the world we are devicive and they are eating it up. David Barton is a decent christian man. How sad indeed!

  • @ Julian .. Decent Christian men don’t accuse people who disagree with them of being like Hitler or approve of those who do .. nor do they reference Scott Lively’s slanderous post on their facebook page. A decent Christian man would direct his followers (who are also following his lead into slander) into the ways of Christlikeness and holiness and would not treat a difference of opinion on a book as a personal attack. Open your eyes and see what is going on.