Scott Lively on Wallbuilders Live

You read that right. Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika, was on David Barton’s radio show today complaining about me. If you want to listen, go to the August 21 show and click on the link.

Barton, Green and Lively would love to make the controversy over The Jefferson Lies about me. Lively’s presence on the show can only serve as an attempt to change the subject from Barton’s work to something, anything else. Green and Lively doubled down on the accusation that Christian scholars are using tactics of Alinsky to attack Barton. The Chuck Colson Center is using Alinsky tactics? Jay Richards of the Discovery Center is channeling Alinsky?

For those who want to examine the historical issues relating to The Pink Swastika, see this link.

In any case, the issues being raised now by numerous Christian scholars and observers are not about me or my views on unrelated matters. I call on Mr. Barton and Green to stick to the historical issues and cease the ad hominem attacks.

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  • ken


    If Barton (and Green and Lively) where willing to stick to historical issues, you wouldn’t have needed to write your book 🙂 or all these blog posts.

  • Ken: Well, yeah.

  • Richard Willmer

    The whole ‘gay or whatever distraction’ thing could realistically be seen as an admission that, when it comes to the matter of ‘history’, Barton messed up badly.

  • Gus

    Do they even know what Alinsky tactics are? I dunno but community organizing for political gains sounds pretty much like what the Evangelicals have been doing since Jimmy Carter woke them up.

  • Hugh McCann

    Dear Sir,

    I’d ignore the defenders of Barton – stick to the facts and you’ll edify the confused out there. This is a needless, time-wasting sidetrack, imo.

    When is the Throckmorton/Coulter vs Barton/Lively debate?! Will it air on PBS or TBN? 😉

  • Timothy Kincaid

    This is fascinating… and when you look at the Akin thing along side it, it reveals an interesting social phenomenon. There appears to be a schism growing to separate the conservatives from the bat-poop crazy.

    Sure everyone is still trying to be on the same team until November, but the Fischer / Barton / Lively / Perkins / Donahue crowd are completely nuts. I mean they are so irrational and unhinged that they cannot tolerate even the slightest veering from the One True And Holy Orthodox Truth About Good And Evil (hint, it’s what they say it is). And I don’t think it will be long before they are unceremoniously booted to the curb by those whom they have attacked or maybe just folks who don’t really want to be in the same room with the crazy person.

  • Lynn David

    A Lively endorsement, reason enough to dump Barton.

  • TxHistoryProf

    As Bullwinkle used to say “Look, nothing up my sleeve!” and Rocky replies, “Oh no, not that trick Again!” Barton is doing what middle school age kids do when THEY are caught, he is redirecting attention AWAY from the real issue to distract and distort.

    If his book was as full of the truth as he claims, he would address every claim with evidence rather engaging in character assassination to tear down others to be at his low level. As I have read GJR I have seen the scholarship in the claims backed up with scholarly references not Internet sites and partial quotes.

    Keep up the fight Dr. T!

  • Bernie

    Scott Lively…ugg.