Thank yous

From the care I received at Grove City Medical Center’s Emergency Room to the heart care and recovery at Butler (PA) Health System, I have a lot of people to thank for my current positive recovery from open heart surgery.

Small town ERs sometimes get criticism but, in my case, the GCMC team performed extremely well. Then, my primary care physician and friend Ed Smith bypassed the  oft-recommended stress test and went right to the heart catheterization. I was then transferred to Butler Health Systems for that procedure. Dr. Sunder Rao performed the test and found three blockages of 80-90%. There is no fixing such a problem other than triple bypass surgery. The surgical team of Dr. Antonio Sortino did the procedure. I am now being followed by Dr. Samer Azouz’s who has a well earned reputation as a fine cardiologist.  The care I received at the Butler hospital was outstanding. I am thankful for all of these physicians, nurses, therapists, aides, etc.

There is more commentary I could make on health care in the U.S. but I will save that for later. I still need some distance and time to reflect on the situation.  It has only been two weeks since the ordeal began.

I am so indebted to my friends and family. If I can do it, I want to write something more about my family in a future post. I will just say that I have been thinking a lot about what the term “pro-family” means. As I look at my family, I can’t think of a bunch who is more pro-family than the Throckmorton clan, even though some of us would not be considered pro-family by culture warriors.

And again to those who read about my situation, thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

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  • Bernie

    My Mensch, Our thanks to you for pulling through. I can’t fight David Barton without you.

  • Gulp. That was nice and I´m glad you´re feeling chipper and thankful. Best to you and yours, Leonardo Ricardo

  • Erp

    Glad to see you back.

  • Thanks for the good news, Warren.

    And remember – in the Culture Wars, or the Big Picture, we must never allow ourselves to forget that we’re human, and that kindness to individuals is at least as important as fighting the good fight.

    We care about you.

    I’d care about David Barton too if he was in that situation. That’s the hard part, with you it’s easy. For family, for friends, of course you care. Caring for those who are total strangers,or who actively hate you, that’s harder. Necessary though if you’re not to hate yourself for your own failings.

    Now please convey a big THANK YOU to all on your medical team, and those who have looked after you. I owe them.

  • Richard Willmer

    Hear, hear! @ Zoe

    Ultimately, being ‘Pro-Family’ is about trying to work for the common good of the Human Family, which Christians, and all people of good will, are called to respect.

  • SO glad you’re doing well! Welcome back! You’re very much appreciated (and needed!!!).

  • Glad to hear you are on the mend .. Know that you are loved and appreciated here.

    God bless,


  • Michael Bussee

    Welcome back, and continued health to you, Warren.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Whew you dodged the bullet. Was hoping to read a post on this, how you are on the mend. It is interesting how it is quite different to talk about health care in the abstract than in the first person isn’t it? I read a tweet that the 5 (Republican) Governors of the States with the highest number of uninsured people are refusing to implement Obamacare. Well now you are going to have a pre-existing condition and the importance of Obamacare is going to seem much more real to you now than (guessing) prior to having open heart surgery. I got sidetracked, Warren just relieved you are on the upswing, God Bless.

  • The quality of health care in this country ranges from so-so to outstanding, with more good than bad. Where we drop to third world standards is on accessibility, especially as it pertains to preventative care and maintenance. I’m guessing you benefit from a decent medical plan with your employer, which entttles you to the best we have to offer. I’m certainly glad you got that care, and I am of the opinion that even the least wealthy of our citizens are entitled to the same. I has been done, it should be done, it must be done.

    I’m very glad to hear you are on the mend. Follow your doctor’s orders!

  • Mary

    All good news!!! Glad to hear you have wonderful care.

  • It’s so good to have your sharp observations again. Thanks…recover fast!

  • Dan

    Please forgive my belated comment. I am so glad you are back in the saddle. Please keep us up to date on your recovery. We are all pulling for you. Even though we are just disembodied commenters on the internet, a lot of us care about you.

  • Kit

    Glad you’re back!