Why do they even bring Bryan Fischer on?

Bryan Fischer on CNN finds evil in the strangest places and then he won’t answer for his words about gays being Nazis.


Isn’t there some way to simply say no to the AFA? Conservatives might lament the title “conservative” applied to AFA and Fischer. However, I think it is up to conservatives to police ourselves. William Buckley did it with the John Birchers; why can’t conservatives today do it with the AFA?

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  • Gus

    Why do they even bring Bryan Fischer on? Because his group is always at CPAC. Until they are dis-invited they are part of the package.

  • Bernie

    The end result was well worth it though. With Carol Costello cutting him off at the end, and her final remark, Fischer ended up looking like the delusional lunatic that he is. It’s too bad that more reporters can’t be more assertive and put people like Fischer in his place.

  • http://www.mentalhealthy.co.uk getting better

    I agree with bernie, so glad carol costello got the final word and put him in his place

  • gregory brown

    William Buckley, with all his pompous verbiage, was an actual Conservative. The current crop of neo-cons are either closet reactionaries or afraid of the farther fields of the Right that might label them “liberal” if they are too aggressive.

  • http://www.gettingjeffersonright.com Warren

    gregory – I didn’t agree with Buckley on everything but I agree with you that he was guided by principles that conservatives could rally around. He made good attempts to limit the definition of conservative thereby excluding fringes and fanaticism. I see very few today who will do this. The AFA could use a little of that John Birch treatment.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    Maybe – just maybe – the rejection of some of David Barton’s provable misstatements is a sign that perhaps the whole “I defend all evangelicals, at all times, no exceptions” mindset may be losing it’s grip.

  • http://legalizelesbianmarriage.com Emily K

    As far as I know, John Birchers are warmly welcomed in conservative circles. Aren’t the Koch’s John Birchers?

  • Patrocles

    Oh yes, Buckley was good in “policing” – that’s why, at the end of his life, he had no more intellectual admirers, but many friends among the rich and dumb party socialites.

    I just used the opportunity and read a “paleoconservative” portrait of Buckley.

    It ends with:

    “Buckley once understood, but seemed ultimately to forget, that liberals should never get to set the boundaries of respectability.

    I still thank and honor Buckley, however, for doing what he did in founding National Review and in writing eloquently as a philosophical conservative, standing against the tide of history ”yelling Stop!” . . . if only for a time. ”

    That may be said about Dr. Throckmorton some day: “understood, but seemed ultimately to forget, that liberals should never get to set the boundaries of respectability” .. “stood against the tide of history ”yelling Stop!” . . . if only for a time”

  • Dan

    Fischer’s argument is that Hitler was gay and therefore gays are like Hitler. Now, all direct evidence is that Hitler was heterosexual but let’s take this as true for the sake of argument.

    It is indisputable that the commandant in charge of Auschwitz, Rudolph Hoss, was a heterosexual man in a traditional man-woman marriage with kids. Bryan Fischer is a heterosexual in a man-woman marriage with kids. Accordingly, Bryan Fischer is like Rudolph Hoss.

  • Richard Willmer

    If Hitler had been gay, maybe it would have been much better for hundreds of millions of people if he and Ernst had quietly shacked up together in some rural idyll on the outskirts of Munich and looked after chickens. Ernst <3 Adolf – the pro-life option.

    No, sorry – it was Heinrich that was the chicken farmer, wasn't it?

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  • Frank

    Richard, maybe you’re thinking of Martha Stewart, but she just has OCPD. She’s not actually a Nazi.

  • Richard Willmer

    How very droll, Frank!

    On a more serious note (and as a ‘counterpoint’ to fischerite-type deceit): here’s an interesting article on the situation of LGB (and T) people in Uganda: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/29/truth-being-gay-uganda