Nicolas Cage to remake the Left Behind series: Spoof or not?

I really can’t tell if this article is a spoof or for real.

The breathless beginning:

Once in every generation, a moment comes that is so defining, so paradigm-altering, so world-shaking, that you spend the rest of your life telling people where you were when you heard it. It goes beyond making history to shaping the future, and yes, even giving a generation a rallying point and identity. For our generation, that moment came today when Variety announced Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in the reboot of the apocalyptic Left Behind film franchise.

If I start telling people in my circle of friends where I was when I heard this, they will think I had brain surgery not heart surgery.

If true, then a sure sign of the apocalypse.

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  • Hughuenot

    “Left Behind” is its own spoof to begin with. Kirk C. did the first eschatological satire.

  • ArminianTheology
  • I read most of that series…sigh. I attempted to read three or four of them, but…the writing was so clunky I never finished a one. From what I read, I thought it was a tawdry, blood soaked ethnic cleansing fantasy. The glorious supernatural born-again race (as I remember Kenneth Copeland repeating ecstatically on TV) is snatched to that very exclusive Pearly Gated community of many mansions (doubtlessly antebellum style) while the inferior non-snatched, unregenerate, soon to be damned race (with evil Catholics and effeminate homosexuals doing Satan’s bidding) get what they so richly deserve for not doing exactly as God’s regents demanded… horror upon horror upon horror..then into the flaming Pit for eternity, I guess. — To learn how to be one God’s regents and be first in the air for glory, go to Regent University, of course. I remember an early R.U. ad saying just that in Christianity Today years ago. Considering that a regent is one who rules in the name of a sovereign who is immature, incompetent or out of touch…they must teach some very heterodox theology at dear young Regent U. I also remember an inadvertently hilarious ad bragging about Regent U. being built with hand hewn bricks.

  • Oops, I started writing that I read most of the first book of that series and tried to read others, but then…but somehow… sorry.

  • Patrocles

    Apocalypse is the great hope of early (“paleo”) Christians – from St. Matthew to St. John. People who have no hope in apocalypse are definitely “neo”.