Uganda’s Speaker Promises Passage of Anti-Gay Bill Before the End of the Year

More promises to pass the bill from Rebecca Kadaga.

After three years watching this situation, I am more concerned now than ever that the bill will pass.

If/when it passes, I hope it is immediately challenged in court.

Let’s remember that Museveni has no effective means to veto the bill and did not attempt this last Parliament. He can send bills back to Parliament but if that body is persistent, bills will become law.

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  • Richard Willmer

    Miss Kadaga’s own ‘autocratic tendencies’ are betrayed by her ‘promise’: surely it is how MPs vote that will decide whether the Bill is passed? She cannot ‘promise’ something that she alone cannot deliver.

    Some think that Miss Kadaga is serious about combatting corruption. “Phooey!” I say: since she became Speaker it’s been record pay rises (partly disguised as ‘allowances’) and luxury cars for the MPs. And that’s about it really, apart from the sniping at her arch-rival, Amama Mbabazi.

  • Richard Willmer

    Another worrying development: (unsubstantiated) rumours have started to circulate about Kadaga’s ‘past’ (she is unmarried and has no children – that much is ‘fact’). This could further enflame the situation. Human rights activists in UG are concerned by this.

    Obviously, if a public figure is behaving hypocritcally, that is ‘in the public interest’, but any accusations of hypocrisy must be backed by facts.