David Barton Self-Publishes The Jefferson Lies

After blasting us for self-publishing Getting Jefferson Right, David Barton is self-publishing The Jefferson Lies via Wallbuilders Press. Chris Rodda discovered and reported this last week.

Barton told the world after his book was pulled from publication that he had a publisher in the wings bigger than Thomas Nelson. Glenn Beck said he would publish the book but apparently this is on hold or off completely.


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  • ken

    I wonder if Beck;s pulling out of publication had anything to do with the “20 pages of documentation” that was supposed to prove Barton was right.

  • Barton could always self publish it on amazon, but I suppose that loses some of the luster of having an actual publisher. Beck seems to busy with his own books these days to worry about his dear friend David. But, what gets me is Newt publishing his third novel on Washington, this one taking in the Battle of Yorktown. He was plugging it on the Colbert Report,


    This raises the broader question of what these guys are trying to do with these historical figures. Newt’s book is especially amusing, as it is co-written by a sci-fi writer, William Forstchen, who penned The Lost Regiment,


    This makes Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter positively literary by comparison.

  • Hey … here’s an update: Barton has not republished the book yet – it looks like what he’s doing is fraudulently selling off those 17,000 copies he had to buy back from Thomas Nelson by listing the publisher on Amazon as WallBuilder Press. The book I just received when I ordered what is listed as being published by WallBuilder Press is the same Thomas Nelson edition that I got when the book was first published back in April. It still says Thomas Nelson on it. Not only is it not a new edition with all that additional material that Barton promised, it catches Barton in yet another lie. On several occasions, Barton has claimed that corrections were made with each new printing done by Thomas Nelson – you know, to take care of those “semantics” issues. Well, guess what … there has not been a single change made to this book! The copy I got last week is identical to the first printing. I went through all seven chapters page by page looking for these alleged changes, and didn’t find a single one. I’ll be posting on my blog about this latest lie as soon as I get a chance to gather the video clips of Barton claiming that changes were made with each printing.

    • Chris – Thanks for this update. I didn’t think he would add anything to it and now we know. My guess is that there are very few changes from the pre-pub copy I got. As you know, much of this book was already published on his website. He just recycled it for this book.