Buzzfeed: State Department Warns Uganda on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Earlier today, Buzzfeed reported on a State Department briefing on Uganda’s efforts to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The briefing should be reviewed in full but the take away is that Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson was in Uganda over the weekend expressing the U.S. opposition to the bill. Carson pressed the point that the bill would violate Uganda’s own human rights standards.

I think the presence of Carson is important and necessary. It is not too late for Uganda’s leaders to step back and reconsider the human rights implications of the bill.

One aspect of the briefing that was interesting to me was the fact that State Department could not confirm the removal of the death penalty. It is important for the media and blogging community to report accurately and maintain some skepticism about reports that cannot be confirmed.

Hat tip: @melanienathan1

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  • Richard Willmer

    Melanie has worked incredibly hard on this important human rights campaign.

    *Hat Tip* indeed! 🙂