Archives for November 27, 2012

Speaker Adjourns Parliament Amid Chaos Over Oil Bill (UPDATED with Video)

According to the Facebook page for the Parliament of Uganda, Speaker Kadaga adjourned the session early amid shouting MPs over how to deal with a controversial clause in one of the oil bills before that body (confirmed by a call to Kampala). Here are the status reports:Parliament moves to consider a motion by the Minister for energy to have clause 9 of the oil exploration bill reconsidered.Reconsideration of clause 9 will have an effect on almost 80% of all the other clauses in the bill, … [Read more...]

Anti-Homosexuality Bill is Next on the Order of Business for Uganda’s Parliament

According to today's agenda, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill will be the next bill considered by Uganda's Parliament. Today, the legislative body is slated to act on two bills relating to the oil industry and the Accountants Bill. These bills have been on the agenda for several days and should be nearing a final vote. Given the prior work done on those three bills, the anti-gay bill could come up as soon as tomorrow.It appears that Speaker Kadaga has given the Anti-Homosexuality Bill higher … [Read more...]