Contentious Day Ahead for Uganda’s Parliament; Anti-Homosexuality Bill Still On Deck; UPDATE on Death Penalty

As noted yesterday, MPs find themselves embroiled in a contentious fight over a clause in one of the petroleum bills. That fight may stall Parliament for days and keep consideration of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill off the floor.

On today’s order paper, the anti-gay bill remains the first item of business to follow current business. However, current business still includes two bills related to the oil sector and the Accountants Bill, as well as a report on the energy sector. A public march may take place today which could spill over into Parliament. All of these items should require several days to resolve, if not longer.

See yesterday’s post for more detail.

RE: Death Penalty

Some reports are questioning earlier reports triggered by a BBC report that the death penalty has been removed from the bill. The truth is that the bill is the same bill it has always been. It cannot be amended until the committee report is presented to the floor of the Parliament. Even if the committee calls for removing that clause, the MPs would have to endorse that change. Presumably, they would vote for a change favored by the maker of the bill (David Bahati) but this is not a sure thing. Observers around the world should know that the bill is unchanged at this point. However, it could be changed and the committee involved have signaled that they intend to suggest changes. Until it hits the floor, the bill is the same as ever.

If the rules have changed in the past several months, I am open to be corrected. If I am wrong, perhaps a MP reading here can enlighten me. However, this information comes directly from several MPs and the parliament’s spokespeople.

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  • Leonardo Ricardo

    Once again in Uganda the ¨Pearls of Africa¨ are completely unstrung…can´t decide if killing gay people is more important than feathering ones own nest…ah, priorities amongst the selfproclaimed Children of God can be mistifying.

  • Richard Willmer

    An aside: isn’t it interesting that certain high-profile extreme right-wingers (Lively, Fischer, and now, apparently, Perkins) are all ‘coming out’ to support the Bill, even though the death penalty is in fact still there (I’m certain you are correct in your appraisal, Warren – no amendments have ever been made to Bill as fas as I know).

    Perhaps they are ignorant of the reality? Or perhaps …

  • Richard Willmer

    Death penalty is till there; Bill still in 2009 form:

    The ‘formal’ death penalty is not the real issue, of course. It’s the whole Bill that is the problem.

  • Richard Willmer

    (A different take on whether it would be good for the Bill to pass; the same take on the reality of the ‘death penalty’ – it’s effectively hard-wired into the Bill, even if those ‘car cash’ MPs change Clause 3.)