Reparative therapy subject of Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show today will feature Chris Doyle from the International Healing Foundation, Julie Hamilton from NARTH and Rich Wyler from People Can Change arguing in favor of sexual orientation change efforts. You can see teasers for the show here. Others will take the alternative point of view as well and you can see some of their views at the Dr. Oz website.

This show comes as Cohen’s methods and allies at JONAH are being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center for consumer fraud.

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  • David Hart


    Have you read the actual complaint in Ferguson … v JONAH? Some of the “methodology” is truly bizarre. Thadeus Heffner is mentioned as a provider for JONAH but is not a defendant. On the other hand, Alan Downing needs a lawyer.

    In addition to monetary compensation, plaintiffs seek revocation of JONAH’s business license. That might have been compromised if Heffner was included which would have created diversity which could have moved the matter to federal court. Since Heffner is a licensed practitioner he might have malpractice insurance.

  • Warren

    David – Yes, I have read the complaint and will write more about it soon. I have been, ahem, beating that pillow for years here.

  • Boo

    But at least you don’t scream about your mother in all those posts.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Shame on Dr. Oz for having these bigots on his show. Does Oz agree with them? If so, we should rename Dr. Oz as “witchdoctor” Oz.