Kirk Cameron vs. Paul Finkelman on Jefferson and Slavery

Although Kirk Cameron cites none of his own research, he refers approvingly to an article by Stephen McDowell (Providence Institute) which is hosted on the Wallbuilders website about the Founders and slavery. McDowell refers to Thomas Jefferson but does not give the whole picture. Historian Paul Finkelman in the NY Times accentuates the negative but reports Jefferson's racist views and his active involvement in owning slaves much more accurately. As we document in Getting Jefferson Right, … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Parliament to Consider Discipline Report Tomorrow; No Meeting Today

Monday is an off day for Uganda's Parliament but according to spokeswoman Helen Kawesa, Speaker Kadaga will call the Parliament together tomorrow. One of the first matters of business will be resolution of the chaos that developed last week over legislation to regulate the oil industry.  Kadaga called for a report from the Rules, Privilege and Discipline committee to identify those who were out of order during floor debate. I suspect that any MPs identified will debate the committee's … [Read more...]