Kirk Cameron vs. Paul Finkelman on Jefferson and Slavery

Although Kirk Cameron cites none of his own research, he refers approvingly to an article by Stephen McDowell (Providence Institute) which is hosted on the Wallbuilders website about the Founders and slavery. McDowell refers to Thomas Jefferson but does not give the whole picture. Historian Paul Finkelman in the NY Times accentuates the negative but reports Jefferson’s racist views and his active involvement in owning slaves much more accurately.

As we document in Getting Jefferson Right, Jefferson was not a passive slave owner, and he was legally allowed to free his slaves but did not do it.  I am pretty sure Cameron has been made aware of the problems with Wallbuilders’ “scholarship” and yet he continues to promote it.



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  • Bart Breen

    Thank you for having the courage to stand against the formidable academic acumen of Kirk Cameron. It about time the Christian community mustered the wherewithal to not only address the deep insight and analysis of a trained actor but also the deep historical musings of David Barton and his delving into Religious Education.

    One of these days someone may come from their point of view who actually has credentials and has studied source materials in the actual field and we’re going to have to be prepared for that eventuality.

    • Warren

      Bart – I honestly can’t tell where you are coming from but you certainly sound like you’re having fun.

  • oft

    You got that right Bart.