Uganda Watch: Uganda’s Prime Minister Says Government Opposes the Anti-gay Bill; No Agenda Today

Normally Parliament meets Tuesday through Thursday and so with no order paper on the website, I assume they are not meeting today.

Probably the biggest news on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is the stated opposition of the executive branch of the Ugandan government to the bill by Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. This news was reported in the Milano Times (Italy) where Mbabazi was attending a meeting.  According to the Google translation of that page, Mbabazi was confronted with a protest at the meeting and disclosed the government position in response.

Another interesting development is the changing of the order for consideration of the anti-gay measure. As noted on the Thursday order paper, the bill has slipped to second item to be considered after the current business is completed.

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  • Richard Willmer

    I’ve heard, from a ‘little [NRM-affiliated] birdie’ in UG, that Miss Kadaga is going to Rome on Sunday (does that mean that she won’t be in Kampala for part of next week?). Let’s she how gets on … (she’ll be ‘met’, by the way!)

  • Richard Willmer


    Bahati slithers down the ‘batting order’: now at #6 on Notice of Business to Follow.

    Apparently Kadaga is telling the ICC about the need to respect human rights, or something like that. I wonder what they are saying to her?!