Top Ten Posts in 2012

The ten 2012 posts with the most views are listed here.  These posts were all posted since the last top ten list in 2011. Some posts prior to 2012 received more views. However, here I am listing just those posts written from 12/28/11 to today.

The post with the most views in 2012 was written in 2011: The Trail of Tears Remembered. In fact that post about Trail of Tears is by far the most popular post of all time on my blog.

1.  Alan Chambers: 99.9% have not experienced a change in their orientation

2.  Monumental Question: Did Signers of the Declaration and Constitution Finance a Bible for Every American Family?

3.  Ron Paul touts endorsement of pastor who defends death penalty for gays, delinquent children & adultery

4.  My Response to David Barton

5.  Note to Kirk Cameron: If you don’t want a fight, then don’t start one

6.  Barton, Birther featured in Kirk Cameron’s new Monumental movie

7.  Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Revision of Thomas Jefferson

8.  Founders’ Bible Rewrites Exodus 18 to Fit Christian Nation Narrative

9.  Rick and Kay Warren condemn the denial of link between HIV and AIDS as promoted by the AFA’s Bryan Fischer

10. David Barton’s whitewash of Thomas Jefferson as a slave owner

Thanks for reading. Also thanks for the regular group of commenters who show up and support my fact checking efforts.

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  • Lynn David

    “The Trail of Tears Remembered” outdid even your posting nod to the conspiratoral Birthers?

  • Lynn David

    Oh in 2012…. never mind.

  • Lynn David. You were correct the first time. The Trial of Tears post has almost twice the number of views as the birther post and is the most visited page of all time.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Happy New Year 2013, Warren Throckmorton, and stay healthy. You serve a great and sometimes unrewarded service to all of us who follow your timely postings on important issues that are oftentimes overlooked by the mainstream media.

  • Warren Throckmorton

    Thanks, Jim…

  • Teresa

    +1000 for Jim Guinnessey’s Comment. Warren, please continue your journey to improved health. All God’s Blessings and Grace for you and your family in 2013!

  • Michael Bussee

    Happy New Year, Warren.