Now Amazon Lists Wallbuilders as the Publisher of The Jefferson Lies

As Chris Rodda pointed out after Christmas, Amazon listed Wallbuilders as the publisher of The Jefferson Lies after Thomas Nelson dropped it. However, after she informed Amazon that Wallbuilders did not publish the book, the bookseller changed the publisher to Thomas Nelson. Read her post here.

When it comes to The J-Lies, one thing is sure: nothing is sure.

Now Amazon has changed the publisher designation again and lists Wallbuilder Press as the publisher.


As Rodda pointed out in her post, this is a misleading designation. Wallbuilder Press did not publish the book in April of 2012 and Barton has not revised and republished the book. I don’t know what designation could be supplied in this situation.

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  • Erp

    Thomas Nelson but ‘used’ or ‘second hand’.

  • buddyglass

    If the label were “Published by:” then I’d say “Thomas Nelson” is most accurate since they did, in fact, publish the book before dropping it. However, the label says “Publisher:”. In that case, how about “none”?

  • Chris Rodda

    Since Barton can’t say that Thomas Nelson is the publisher anymore, and he also can’t say that the copies he’s selling were published by Wallbuilder Press, the only way he should be allowed to sell off the thousands of Thomas Nelson copies that he bought back on Amazon is as a third party seller, just like any other bookseller would have to do. He shouldn’t be allowed to have a regular page on Amazon where Amazon is stocking and selling the book directly.

  • George

    It appears no one involved with pushing the book seem to know what is to be done about this situation. The back and forth on the amazon site does, however, offer some comic relief to the Barton chronicles.

    It would be interesting to get someone in the publishing business to offer a statement on how the industry deals with such cases. As much as I detest what Barton does, it seems to me that anyone who has purchased the book new for the sole purpose to resell it, unopened and unread (ie: any small bookstore, etc.), ought to be able list it as ‘New’. I think that is done all the time. So the question to the experts is: What exactly does happen when the publisher pulls the book? How much authority do they have beyond stopping the publication and publicly announcing that they no longer wish to be involved with it? They still did publish it, so how can anyone say otherwise? From my perspective (for whatever that’s worth), Amazon was correct when they first reverted to the original listing of TN as publisher. The flipping to Wallbuilders, especially this second time, is most baffling.

    Wallbuilders should just get themselves listed as another book-seller on Amazon. How can they possibly be listed as the publisher.

  • ken

    From the “Look Inside” page of the book the Copyright page still lists the publisher as Thomas Nelson. Apparently, these are the leftovers Barton still had after Thomas Nelson withdrew, either that or Amazon hasn’t gotten around to updating the web page for the book.

  • Chris Rodda

    @ ken … I actually ordered a copy when it was first listed as WallBuilder Press back in November to make sure it was still the same Thomas Nelson edition I got when the book was first published, and it was. Also, it’s still got the same ISBN, publication date, and exact same number of pages.

    @ George … third party sellers can list the books they’re selling as “New,” so Barton doesn’t have to sell them as used. He should just have to sell them the same way anybody else would have to.

    I guess I’ll contact Amazon again. What I sent them in November got them to change it back to Thomas Nelson, so I’ll send them something later asking why they changed it back to WallBuilder Press again.

  • James Ferguson

    This is nothing more than a lame attempt to make it seem like the book is still in print after failing to get an alternate publisher. I thought Glenn Beck was going to personally publish the book for him? If nothing else Barton can revise it and publish it directly through amazon as many others have done. But, I guess it would no longer carry the same “weight.”