Dizzy Up the Book: Amazon Switches Jefferson Lies Publisher Again

Even though neither Wallbuilder Press nor Thomas Nelson are currently publishing The Jefferson Lies, Amazon.com has switched the publisher from Wallbuilder Press to Thomas Nelson again on their page for David Barton’s book.

Yesterday, I pointed out that Amazon had switched the publisher designation to Wallbuilder Press. Today, it is back to Thomas Nelson.


I acknowledge that the situation with this book makes it difficult to assign a publisher but something should better than what is up there now or was there yesterday.


Perhaps this is a Fringe event in honor of the next to last show tonight. Maybe Wallbuilder Press publishes the book in one universe and Thomas Nelson in the other. The universes are coming together at a weak point in space-time — The Jefferson Lies Amazon page — resulting in alternating publishers.

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  • Lynn David

    LOL! Are you ready for the last three episodes?

    Could be a re-write of the timeline. Does that mean that we who notice it have been dosed with cortexiphan?

  • Lynn David – In my universe the show was renewed. Sorry for your loss.

    I think cortexiphan is in my water so yes.

  • Chris Rodda

    Since I was the one who got it changed back to Thomas Nelson the first time, I called Amazon. The person I talked to completely understood what I was saying and said that it shouldn’t be listed as WallBuilders and that the listing would be reviewed. I didn’t expect them to change it that fast, though.


  • Chris – Maybe you could get them to list it as None of the Above.

  • Chris Rodda

    Yeah … that would really be the only accurate way to list it, Warren! 🙂

  • Lynn David

    Ha! So you’re creating your own ‘separate reality’ – Carlos Castaneda would be proud.

  • Teresa

    Some of the 1-star reviews made me laugh out loud:

    Anyone familiar with Mr. Barton’s works knows he has as much business calling himself a historian as Alan Alda has calling himself a doctor.

    To look at David Barton, you would think he is a reasonable fellow, but then he opens his mouth and you wonder where on earth his ideas come from.

    It has almost no redeemable qualities and is so poor that one might be led to think it was written by someone pretending to be Christian to make Christians look bad.

  • Lynn David – To critique Barton’s book on Jefferson means spending some time in an alternative reality, so yes.

  • Randy

    I love Fringe. Just sayin’

  • James Ferguson

    The problem is that amazon has so many persons editing these book entries that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. It is amazing they get anything right.

  • James Ferguson

    Chris is right in that this book should be listed in amazon marketplace under Wallbuilders since it is obviously no longer in print.

    BTW, I take credit for the second 1-star review noted above. I was utterly amazed so many persons found the review helpful and commented on it. Although, I have to admit that the introduction and the first two chapters, which I found on line, were enough for me. Barton is just plain nuts!

  • Lynn David

    I am making an updated family recipe tonight, cornbread with pork sausage, to honor FRINGE. It’s not exactly pigs brains in lemon cake, but does have bourbon & hot sauce representing cortexiphan to #CrossTheLine .

  • David Roberts

    @Lynn David

    Can I come over for dinner?

  • Lynn David

    Sure…. Turn right at Chicago and go about 200 miles.