World Publishes Our Response to David Barton

World continues the focus on the Barton Controversy with our rebuttal to Barton’s response to our book.

We focus on Barton’s contention that we make mountains out of molehills in our critique. In fact, the details matter as we demonstrate.

We also make it clear that Barton isn’t living by his own standards. He takes historians to task for using secondary sources, but he does the same thing. His sources are often unknown as with the Louis L’Amour story presented on Glenn Beck’s Show as an historical fact.

In this article, we also launch a feature on the Getting Jefferson Right website called Ask a Professor. Have a question about American history facts? Our panel of historians will attempt to help out.

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  • Bernie

    Hey, I was even more impressed that your, “Ask a Professor” came over the Christian Newswire. Good for you Warren! Barton and Green will surely see that. I do believe the tide is turning and that more are seeing the lack of credibility of Barton.

    In a way, I almost pity Barton and Green. If they could have just been truthful Christians. But, then I think of all the lies, and prevarications that Barton and his lackey have spread upon all the impressionable minds, like my sister’s church, and then my blood boils all over again.

    See, just the thought of his lies, has emptied my head of any empathy whatsoever. Snake Oil salesmen (mountebanks) like Barton with his lies of the Founding Fathers and Homosexuals, need to be exposed for who they are. They are just a bunch of charlatan grifters, trying to bend an ear or two so that people will just send in the checks and line their pockets.

    In fact that was the exact scenario that came to my mind over that ACP broadcast…..

    Wife,”Husband! I want you to send a check to David Barton at Wallbuilders! Barton and Rick Green just said that the “leading” pediatric association just sent letters to all 1400 school superintendents saying that we got to protect the kids from turning gay! HUSBAND! Did you hear me?? That was the “leading” pediatric association! Now get that Damn checkbook out and send them $50!”

    And, that above scenario just affirms my opinion that they are grifters.

  • Tom Van Dyke

    “Shellbiz,” from the comments @ World:

    And do these two factions have pure motives for why they are calling each other out on their differences? There is the Scripture that talks about “brother betraying brother,” and I’ve seen occasions recently where that seems to be happening more.

    Look, when I heard David Barton was writing a book on Jefferson, I thought, uh-oh, dude’s really gonna screw the pooch this time, because Jefferson’s the last guy you want on your side—slaveowner, church-hater, hypocrite. But like they say, lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. His critics ought to keep that mind, but then again, too late…

    “Shellbiz” sees only “two factions,” not white hats and black hats, but “brother betraying brother.” So it goes.

  • Zoe Brain
  • Glenn

    Think Beck will actually deal with any of this? He’s been a primary promoter of Barton’s lies. If Barton is a grifter, as the commenter above states, then Beck is what?