More Mormon Teaching on Certain Americans as Sons of Joseph

In this video by Ryan Fisher, you get a pretty clear description of what Mormons believe about America being a promised land. Member of the First Quorum of Seventy Bruce Porter tells how Ephraim (the British and other Europeans) came to America and reunited with Manasseh (Native Americans). What I don’t understand is why Ephraim wiped out his brother Manasseh (both sons of Joseph), which is what you would have to believe if you agree with this teaching.

This is the same teaching one can find in Timothy Ballard’s book The Covenant and endorsed by David Barton.

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  • reboho

    Genetically, Native Americans are not related to peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean, the languages are not related and the archeology of North America does not support any of the “history” as told in the Book of Mormon.

    Of course the archeology of the Middle East doesn’t support the stories of the Kingdom of Israel either, no Exodus, no conquest of the Promised Land and very little on David and Solomon, more like tribal chiefs than kings of mighty kingdoms that didn’t exist.

    So, how does one watch something like this and not think to oneself that this man is delusional. It is amazing to me that someone with this belief system functions in our society and actually thinks the solution to our problems is for the rest of us to become equally delusional and worship his god.

  • Lynn David

    Obviously Warren, neither Ephraim nor Manasseh knew they were brothers until Joseph Smith got around to telling them so. In his favor Porter does not say all Europeans are Ephraim. He eventually comes to say that this new promise land, America, is a Gentile nation. I suppose he would say that only some of the original emigrants to America are of Ephraim. Might the reality of DNA testing that the church has accepted for genealogical research tempered their speech concerning America? The big trouble is that for those American Native tribes which claim they are descendants of Israel, the DNA testing has not gone in their favor. It also seems that the main claimant tribe is mostly white (and the US government doesn’t even recognize them as a tribe).

    Interesting how it got around to “deed restrictions” at the end and how rights for “those people” and the foolish idea that would have a bearing on what the Mormons could preach as the supposed “hate crime.” Odd this didn’t come out before the 2012 election. I first thought that it would have been created before 2008. But this guy hasn’t been able to learn the lesson that history has taught. The “right” came about in 2003 with Lawrence v Texas – and that hasn’t affected him one bit in his bully pulpit.

  • Patrocles

    The Mormon history is hardly more fantastical than the Old Testament history – as the Old Testament is much more widely believed, wouldn’t it be a worthier object of historical scrutiny? Why bashing the Mormon minority?

    • Pat – Perhaps, but they are incompatible.

  • Stephen

    I wonder what they have to say about the Icelanders who were the first known Europeans to arrive? See the Saga of the Greenlanders for an extraordinary account of their arrival in what is now Canada.